Monday, November 27, 2006

Did you expect it to be different?

No, I'm not dead... just been really, really busy and tired of posting depressing thoughts!

I was looking on just now, and there is a story about Pamela Anderson filing for divorce from Kid Rock... Did anyone really think it would be different for them? I mean, really? I love Kid Rock's music... one of those people I can't admit to liking with the kids around... but I have never envisioned him at the perfect man to marry!

Anyway, to each his own!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Quick update...

Our preacher/marriage counselor has us doing homework this week that I have put off for 7 days now. The homework is to write down ALL of our significant thoughts for three days and share them with each other... then decide what we are focusing on that has no business in our minds... or that is taking away from us healing. So... here's the problem... I do not want to write down ever thought I have... several reasons for this: 1. who has time to write down every freakin' thought for 3 days? 2. If we are truthful about our thoughts someone is going to get hurt. 3. Why would I want to do something that is going to cause more drama?

Ok, Ok, I know it sounds like I'm having a bad attitude right now... and maybe I am... but every time I think of this assignment I want to scream. I mean, yesterday Robert and I had the worse fight we have had in a while... during the fight I had some pretty awful thoughts... most of them including murder... so if I tell him my thoughts, his feelings will be hurt and I will have to deal with that. Not to mention that Robert showed me his thoughts for one day and many of them included me... I'm not sure, but I am guessing that mine would not be such. I mean, I am a teacher, a mother, and a student... I'm pretty certain there is no time to just think about my spouse in a roses and rainbows way.

Anyway... this is where I am now! Thanks for the continued prayers!