Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Here's our family pic for today. The church wall isn't so great a backdrop... but this was taken in a hurry while we were trying to get to lunch! You know, the 'I forgot to take it and now we have to eat lunch and might get dirty' picture!
We ate Buffet City for lunch... Here's my fortune:
You shouldn't overspend at the moment, frugality
is important.
Um, if I didn't know better, I would say my husband picked that one out special! He wants to tape it to my phone or something so I see it every time I pick it up!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gotta love it!

My kiddos crack me up sometimes... this morning in the car Kali told me that her back must be broken because it hurts and I need to take her to the dr. Then she told me that her butt knuckle hurts too! What's a butt knuckle???? I was on the phone with Rt when she said it and I was afraid he was going to drop the phone he was laughing so hard! Maybe I'll make him take her to the dr and tell the dr her butt knuckle hurts!

Last night at pokeno, three of the 9 people that I was there with told us that they were planning some type of plastic surgery in the next few months (2 boob jobs, one tummy tuck). One of the girls mentioned that she was using this particular plastic surgeon 'because she has financing'! So... what's your opinion on this??? What would you have said??? I'll tell you my reaction later, but I am quite curious how each of you would respond!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break...

Well, spring break has officially started... yippee! There is nothing fun about having two children home while you recover from a hysterectomy. My house looks like a bomb blew up, and no one but me seems to care! I have spent more time out of the house (which I'm sure is against the drs orders) just because I can't stand to look at my house anymore! And... to make matters worse, the kids are sooo sick of me asking them to do stuff just because I can't... in fact, I had to refrain myself when Megan told me she was tired of doing my job... um, hello, I'm pretty sure 10 yrs old is old enough to do your own laundry or not have any clean clothes! Ugh... only 5 more weeks of this!

Does anyone have any spring break plans I can be jealous of??? I mean, we are stuck in the house... what about you???

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stopped up...

Seriously tired of this not functioning system of mine... I have taken more medication and eaten some pretty weird things in effort to clean things out... I mean I'm going on 6 days with little to no action! TMI, I know, but I'm pretty miserable! Any remedies for my dilemma???

I'm doing good about sitting around, however, I'm not quite certain I can handle 6 weeks of it! I think it would be easier if I had an external incision that hurt to remind me that I'm crippled! Oh well... my friends are doing a pretty awesome job of making sure I don't do anything I'm not supposed to be!

Spring break is next week... if you have nothing better to do, come sit on the couch with me and hang out!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Too much...

I had to go teach my CJC class tonight because they have the next two weeks off... and I can definitely tell that it was entirely too much on my poor body. I am exhausted! All I did was get dressed, hitch a ride to CJC, and sit there for 2 hrs listening to speeches, but apparently sitting is not something that comes easy after the big H. I guess I have learned my lesson and will spend the next few days sitting on my behind on the couch... or my friends couch since my hubs won't let me stay home by myself due to his distrust of my ability to not do chores!

The girls start softball practice tomorrow... they both seem excited about it... which is a change over a few weeks ago! I'm hoping the experience is good... meaning that hopefully they have some skills and it isn't just miserable for them! I would hate for them to be the only kids who can't hit the ball or something awful like that!

Ok... I'm having a hard time time or making sense... I guess the pain pill is working... nite nite!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Home less than 24 hrs and I'm bored (written in a whiney voice)! My children are wrestling in the floor, my husband is trying to explain why I can't have a bag of peanut butter m & m's (because WM doesn't sell them), and Paige is on trading spaces with some goofy ex-couple who are decorating each other's bedrooms! (Weird!) Did you know there is NOTHING on TV on Sunday morning? I really wanted to go to church, but my hubs didn't think that would be ok! Whatever... what does he know??? I did make him call one of my friends to tell her I was fine so that she wouldn't be all stressed out wondering why he wasn't there! Oh well, give me some suggestions of things to do while sitting on the couch... oh and I've been told I cannot pick anything up over 5 pounds...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I'm home...

Surgery went fine... got home about 4pm today... a little sore and a lot tired. Not supposed to lift anything over 5 pounds for at least 4 weeks... hmmm... wonder how that is going to work??? Thanks for the prayers...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Prayers... Prayers... Prayers...

I went for my follow-up visit with the dr regarding my biopsy... and I will be having a hysterectomy on Friday at noon! It would have been nice to have some more notice, but if I don't do it Friday I will have to wait until June due to my own scheduling conflicts! So... keep me in your prayers about lunch time on Friday. I will stay the night in the hospital and apparently I won't be able to vacuum for like 6 weeks, but other than that I should be as good as new (well, good as new with some missing body parts) by the time spring break is over!

Monday, March 03, 2008

What in the World??!!!!???

This is in my kitchen floor... Don't they just make you want to pick 'em up and love on 'em?

Because this is in my front yard...

Can someone tell me how it was 80 degrees last week and now it is snowing????

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Happy BD Honey!

Robert's BD is tomorrow (Sunday)! 31 yrs old! When we met he was 17... wow, that was a long time ago! Anyway, I would post some long sappy post about my love for him, but he wouldn't read it and my brain is fried from helping him write a 7pg outline for his speech class... but Happy BD HOney!

Oh, and if you skipped over the I need advice about Kali part in the post below... please give me some! My dad suggested I let her tour the jail...