Thursday, October 27, 2011

and I thought I wanted her to speak?

Remember this cute little smile? Remember when she couldn't speak? I do... and after this morning, I SERIOUSLY want to go back to these days. I know that 'this too shall pass,' but I've already been through this stage with Megan and I don't know that I want to go through it with a child that is twice as loud, twice as dramatic, and lacks the impulse control that her sister has.

Ok, ok, maybe I'm being a little melodramatic (and I question where Kali gets it from), but this morning was one for the record books. We had question after question about what outfit looked best, an angry fit when I said "it's 47 degrees outside, but some pants on," and then WWIII after Megs wouldn't let her borrow a scarf to accessorize her outfit. Now, I'm not stupid... I know that this sudden 'caring' about her appearance is all related to a boy... yet another thing I'm not ready to deal with and a blog for another day.. but it also has to do with her age.

Kali has reached THE AGE...You know what I'm talking about...the age where hormones begin to enter and make a female CRAZY!?!?! The age where there is a switch between little girl and turning into a young woman. The age of confusion as to what's most important and who she wants to be!

But this is also the age where I get a glimpse of who she is going to be as a grown woman. The age where I get to mold her and shape her and help her be that woman. (Oh dear... this is sounding like a lot of responsibility on my part!) The age where I help her take the PASSION, PERSONALITY, and STUBBORNNESS that she has, and I show her how to use all of those things for good! You see, all of the traits that drive me the most crazy about my sweet little 10 year old are the traits that I thank the good Lord she has.

My sweet little Kali HAS NO FEAR!! She has never met a person she couldn't talk to. She has never met an opportunity for fun that seemed to scary to try. She has never been too self-conscious to stand up and be herself in front of a few or many. My precious baby girl is CONFIDENT in who she is (most days) and will do great things in her life with this confidence. My sweet angel is BRILLIANT and although she struggles with ADHD, does not struggle in school and gets satisfaction from the fact that her favorite subjects are math and science. 

So see, this morning was only a minor setback... we will all survive these crazy things called hormones and life will go on. One day, I will look back and laugh about this morning (one day, a long, long time from now when I'm not feeling quite so shell shocked)!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


This is your life---Who you wanna be? You might recognize those words as lyrics to a Switchfoot song...profound lyrics to me! I mean, despite the influences around us, at the end of the day, it's all up to the individual as to the direction their life is going to take! And although there are still a lot of haters regarding the choices I've made over the last few years, I can honestly say, I am who I wanna be! I mean how many people can say that? I have a husband who treats me like a queen & makes me want to be a better me! I have 2 amazing daughters who surprise me everyday! I have a job I love, where I get to shape the minds of young adults! I have a network of friends that are the best! So...from today, I will (try) to no longer be sad over lost relationships with people who can't seem to understand & instead rejoice in the fact that I am (finally) who I wanna be!

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