Wednesday, May 30, 2007


A few weeks ago, while mowing the yard (which is one of my fave things to do, seriously, it is) I was attempting to mow under a bush and this big thorn stuck into my knuckle. I thought it just went in and came back out, but it actually left behind the tip. I went to the dr and was put on antibiotics and told that the situation was pretty serious. I then went back to the dr because it still hurt and was sent off to an orthopedic surgeon. The appt with the orthopedic surgeon was today, and as stupid as it sounds I am having surgery on Friday to remove a stinkin' thorn from my knuckle. This is one of those times that I want to say Really? The dr today told me that this was very serious, as I could lose my finger (I was joking about losing my finger and got a little lecture in return). When the injury first occurred Robert made fun of me and told me that I needed to "toughin' up," so I didn't go to the dr until about a week later. Guess there will be no laughing now as he has to wait on me all weekend. HAHAHA! I will say that my children are very sad about all of this, however, it has nothing to do with me actually being cut into but instead it has everything to do with the fact that the pool won't be happening for a few days! Can you feel the love?

I have another thorn causing me a problem, but he's a student. He has filed a grievance against me for being sexist and mean and cruel to him. I have responded to his claims, but I do not appreciate the fact that he has brought in my social life as a means to show what an awful teacher I am. I'm not sure what is going to happen, but keep all of this in your prayers, please.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer... Day One

Well, summer break has definitely come in with a bang for us...(as in thunder and lightening)... these are pics of what my driveway has turned into from all the rain. I have to go to town at 2, but I'm not sure how I will get to my car. The girls would prefer not to be stuck in the house and are running around a tad crazy. We tried to watch High School Musical, but our power keeps going out, which then requires the satellite to upload programming again. They have asked when we get to go to the pool, but I don't have the heart to tell them that the forecast has tons of rain in it.

My children refuse to sleep in pj's, so this morning, in true Kali fashion, she was running around in panties and a t-shirt. I looked over at her and thought her legs were filthy... but when I kept looking I realized that she was bruised. Apparently, when we were at church last night they were playing outside on the playground during Mission Friends and a little girl pushed Kali. I'm not upset about that... the girls are best buds and there are a lot of times that I have to get on to them for playing like the boys... but I am upset that no one saw fit to tell me that she had fallen. We have had a lot of problems with the nursery workers not supervising the children... and one of the main people complaining is the person teaching Mission Friends. It is all very frustrating to me. I know that kids will be kids... I know that they need time to play... but I also know that there is a reason that adults are there to supervise. I know that adults cannot prevent all accidents, I mean, my kids injure themselves all the time under my watch... but I really don't like finding out the next morning about her fall. UGH! Ok... I'm done venting about that... and the bruises look tons worse in person than they do in this pic.

In my post yesterday I mentioned all the pics I developed... I am soooo proud of myself... I cropped all 356 pics last night and this morning. Which means on Saturday when I scrap all day I will actually get to finish pages... yippeeeeeeeee....


Not really sure what is happening to my post... sorry it's so messed up!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Long & Random

Sorry for my lack of posting... things have been quite busy for the last couple of weeks.

The kids completed their last school day today. Kali's teacher cried as she hugged them all goodbye... I'm not sure where Megan's teacher was. I have filled out the paperwork and the girls will go to school "in town" at Jackson next year. It was such a relief to fill out the paperwork and know that they would be just down the road from me as opposed to 30 minutes away during the day. I mistakenly thought it would be more convenient for them to go to Clyde, but the convenience only worked when they rode the bus... once all of the drama started and there was no more bus the convenience factor flew out the window. So... to town it is.

Our house is still for sale... this lady has come to look 3 times and has asked about a million questions but hasn't made an offer yet. It is a very frustrating process. I want to just call her and ask what we would have to do to get her to buy our house... at this point I would do it. Instead, her realtor has to call my realtor who calls us etc. etc. The difficult thing about all of this is I am actually fine with staying here if it doesn't sale, but knowing that someone might want it and we could pay off our credit cards, Rt's truck, and one of my student loans makes me want the sale to happen. The part of me that has to pack and find a new place to live (the part that doesn't like change) is perfectly content with our small debt and truck payment and would just as soon stay here. Oh well... it isn't really in my hands so I don't know why I keep stressing about it.

Last night on the news the weather guy said that this summer was probably going to be a pretty cool one... What exactly does that mean? My kids are already begging to go to the pool, but it hasn't even reached 90 degrees outside. I have no complaints about the weather... I wish is stayed about 85 all year long... but it has to warm up a little for the swim club to be comfortable. (Not that I actually make it into the water very often, but warm water makes for less whiny kids.) Oh well, anyone got any other ideas of summer fun (that doesn't cost) until the weather warms up? So far, my ideas of reading and playing outside are being shot down (in all fairness the size of the mosquitoes is quite ridiculous out here, I don't know that I blame them for not wanting to be eaten alive).

My friend Holly got me into scrapbooking many moons ago, and I have stayed caught up until the last year. I am exactly one year behind right now. I had pictures developed yesterday and I had about 400 pics. It just dawned on me that I have a 35mm camera somewhere that I know I've used this month. UGH... more to develop. I have threatened to set my stuff up on the kitchen table and not move it until I'm done... but for some reason my family thinks they need to eat... what's that about! :) Brooke, Holly and I are set to scrapbook Saturday... wish me luck!
Here's a pic of Kali's kindergarten graduation last friday night! They sang some songs and all got a diploma. Her hair is so slick that her hat refused to stay on... we have some pretty hilarious pics of her adjusting her hat through the entire second half of the program. I got a little teary watching her walk across the stage... who knew she would grow up so quickly.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Compt...

McM is starting a new thing on campus where all the freshman will be "given" HP tablets. In order for the teachers to be up to snuff on the tablets they have given them to us as well. I have spent the last two days in training from 8:30-4... that long in training made my head hurt, but those tablets are cool. My favorite part (and the part that did not require 2 days of training) is that you can use your stylus to write on your screen, so you can send emails that are hand written. I was quite amazed by that function and sent all kinds of interesting emails. I'm pretty sure that the instructor wasn't so entertained by my friend AM and I giggling every time we opened an email... what can I say? we had to do something entertaining!

Megan handed me her math TAKS scores this afternoon... can someone please tell me why is was that she was soooo stressed by the test and ended up missing NO questions? The tears seem so wasted now!

Kali graduates from Kindergarten tomorrow night... while we were in Wal-Mart tonight she asked me what I was going to buy her for graduation. She said that our babysitter was graduating and she is getting all kinds of good stuff. Silly kid!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Three posts in one day... wow!

I just received this email from a student:

i just want to ask how i got a d in public relations

Now, maybe I'm just crazy... but I'm pretty sure that if I were emailing my professor with a question about a grade, I might be bothered to use capital letters and punctuation. Heck, I might even use a heading and signature. How 'bout you guys? Am I silly for being irritated? Oh, did I mention this kid is a junior?



Poor Megs has an abscessed tooth. The dentist cannot see her until tomorrow and I don't really know what to do. I have a call into Dr. Martin to see if there is anything he can do... like pain management. I've never had an abscessed tooth, so I don't know of any ways to make her feel better. She has been complaining for quite a while about this particular tooth, but every time I looked it seemed to be all in her head... guess there was something going on in there we just couldn't see. If you have any suggestions as to how to ease her pain, let me know!


Fingers Crossed...

We put our house up for sale in Feb. but we haven't had a lot of bites. There is a woman who has come to look at it twice and has called numerous times with questions... so keep your fingers crossed that the woman will make an offer today! At this point, she could offer us just about anything and we would accept. I have tried to be very patient in this whole process, and I know that what is supposed to happen will happen on God's time! But patience has never been one of my strong suit.

Yesterday, I got online to look for rental properties and houses for sale in town to see what options we might have if the house sales. Can I just say how ridiculous it is that the market is so inflated? I mean, really, how can a house bought 10 yrs ago be worth double its asking price today? UGH! Our realtor seems to think there will be a correction in the market soon... so I really think we will just rent until that correction happens. I mean, we could qualify for one of those ridiculously priced homes... but then I would have to quit shopping! Hahahaha! Priorities... hahahaha!

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed...

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I hate laundry. There I said it... doesn't change that I have like 10 loads to wash. Our washer died a few months ago, so I've been doing the laundrymat thing. We could've bought a washer, but I really, really, really wanted a front loading one, so I told hubs I would save money to buy what I wanted instead of buying something I didn't want. Yesterday, I reached my limit with the laundry mat (there are weird peps there and don't get me started on germs) and I decided I would just get the top loading washer and be done with it. I went to Lowe's and was about to write a check for a regular washer until the nice little salesman told me a secret... Did you know that Thursday is the day that Lowe's puts out the appliances that are clearanced because they are scratched or repaired? Anyway, he suggested I wait and although it was difficult I did. (Have I told you that I am one of those people who gets and idea and follows through immediately? Something about impulse control!) I went to Lowe's today and low and behold (where did that phrase come from?) there was a front loading washer that had been repaired... half price... still warrantied... YIPPEE! So... I'm sitting on my couch while my laundry washes in my own house! Never thought I'd get so excited over an appliance! Just in case you didn't know... a front loading washer save 68% in water and 67% in electricity compared to a toploading washer. The other benefit is that we can now build a shelf above the washer and dryer to fold laundry on... you know, since there is no laundry room in my house and Rt doesn't think the couch is an appropriate place for laundry! Do you think this counts as a mother's day present?


Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Obviously I am the only one who thinks my children are funny (last post)...

When I was at Target earlier today, I bought Megan a couple of training bras... you know, the ones that look like sports bras. When she got in the car after school I handed them to her and she burst into tears. She asked me why it didn't have cups... in my oh so sensitive voice... I explained to her that she isn't quite there yet... more tears... and I don't mean little tears, I mean big tears streaming down the face. Her next words were "I want to be older!! I don't want to be 9!" Again, in my most sensitive voice I explained how that was impossible and that she was 9 and she was going to be treated like a 9 yr old and I don't really care what other people with older kids let their children do. She obviously didn't appreciate my answer as there were more tears. Why is it again that God felt like I needed two GIRLS????


Monday, May 07, 2007

Random Thoughts...

Overheard from the living room:

Megan: What do you do before you have a party in outer space?
Kali: What?
Megan: Planet...
Kali: That's not funny

Megan: Why does dora talk like that? (referring to a v-smile game in which dora speaks in sentences that are missing some words)
Kali: Cuz she has a speech delay like me...

House news: A woman came to look at our house and she really, really liked it! So here's hoping that she calls with an offer later today!

Question: Why do they put almonds in my trailmix? And what am I supposed to do with the almonds after I take them out?

Question 2: Why is it that students expect to still pass a class when they fail to give their speeches in a speech class?

Question 3: Why does Megan get soooo angry when Kali doesn't play the v-smile the way she says? I mean, it is Kali's v-smile... and it is rated for 3-6 yr olds. UGH!

Dance Lessons: Robert and I started jitterbug lessons last Monday. The lessons are 4 weeks long... but I think we might have issues since he is a foot taller than I am. Oh well, it is good exercise! Maybe I'll post a video or something when we finish our lessons!


Sunday, May 06, 2007


Megs woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach bug... which is why I'm posting while the rest of you are in church! :) I hate that I am unable to deal with puke. I had to wake Robert up so he could do the cleaning... otherwise I was going to make a mess as well... any suggestions here?
Onto why I am really posting...
Last night Robert and I went to Matt and Amy's to eat dinner and play some cards. The weather was nice, so we let the kids go outside to play. A neighbor had set a bike ramp up, so the guys went outside to watch the kids try to kill themselves. Not to be left out... Amy and I went outside as well. There were some people siting in a driveway a couple of houses down... women that I knew from a previous church. Well, apparently they had a lot to say as Amy and I walked out of the house... which I didn't hear until we all came back inside and my husband filled me in. When I stepped out of Amy's garage one of the women asked the other why I was there because she thought we had gotten a divorce... and she said it loud enough for Robert to hear... and in a not very nice tone. Had I been the one to hear it I might've clawed her eyes out... oh, did I mention that this one particular female has never been someone I would call a friend and although I have never been rude to her I would definitely never have a conversation with her about anything of significance in my life? Anyway, here's my issue... the only people from that church who know anything are the few of you who read my blog and one of my bestest friends. I know the women who read my blog pretty well, and I know that they are not the gossiping type and since they are readers they know I'm not divorced. I have known my friend for 9 years and since she's knows every detail of my life, I know she wouldn't have told anyone we were divorced. So... now my wheels are turning... I have some theories... but Robert is insisting I leave it alone. So... just to be clear now... ROBERT AND I ARE NOT DIVORCED... WE SEPARATED TO WORK ON OUR MANY ISSUES AND ALTHOUGH OUR MARRIAGE IS NOT PERFECT THINGS ARE MUCH BETTER NOW! Pass that on please...

Ok... off to mow now... gotta work on my tan somehow...


Edit: While mowing the yard I tried to chop off my leg. We have a riding lawnmower and I had it in the highest gear...hit a big rock and got popped off the seat. I had one leg on the mower and one on the ground... and of course this particular mower has had some southern ingenuity so that it has no safety stop! I managed to right myself and finish the job... but maybe I should just go back to the pus mower...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Sad News

We received a campus wide email today to let us know that one of our students had been arrested on campus... no name... no details. When I got home at 5, I turned on the news and got to see a pic of the student as well as hear his story. This student was pretty quiet, but well-behaved. He hung out with a group of kids that I watch and give advice to... and he was at the bowling night that my PR class put on Tuesday night. My friend had him in a class last semester and said she never had any difficulties. I guess this just goes to show you can never know what is going on inside someone... or what their past holds. Please keep this guy in your prayers... from the new report I'm pretty sure he has a long road ahead of him. Also, keep his friends in your prayers... had the police waited one more week no one on campus would have even known this was happening... it's going to be one rough week!


Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Question for You...

On one of the blogs I read, Iris had an ask me any question post, but then she got to ask us one back. So here's my question from her: Can you think of an event in your life that has completely shaped your life in a positive or negative way?
Oh were do I begin? I really could write a book. There have been so many events. I used to envy the people I met who had grown up in a loving home, whose lives seemed so normal. I wanted to claw the eyes out of the people who would say things like "all of these trials can be used as a witness later in your life." (I mean, seriously, how many examples does one person need?)
As I have aged (whatever, what that really means is in the last three months), I have come to realize that all of those 'events' (abuse, adoption, marriage, separation, children, etc.) really have made me into the person that I am... and I am pretty fond of that person. That person is loving, kind, transparent, and secure in the knowledge that although I have screwed up more times that I can count my God is a forgiving and loving God. It has taken me a long time to get there... but I do know that I am God's child and I can't wait to see what he has in store for me.


Hope this answers your question well enough! :) It's hard to pick one specific event!

Did you know if your blog is black you shouldn't type your posts in black? Hmmm.... blonde moment!

Soap Operas

I swear I could write a book... and maybe I should. The last few weeks have brought nothing but drama in all aspects of my life.

At school, my two student workers who are best friends and roommates, and who graduate in less than a week have been on the outs. Let me tell you there is nothing worse than 22 yr old girl drama. They have managed to kiss and make up, but it was hard to sit and watch. The other issue at school is my boss (who is only my boss for about 2 more weeks) has procrastinated on his job and wants me to pick up the pieces... what that means is do his work... not like I don't have enough of my own work to get done!

At church, there has been all kinds of drama about people doing their jobs or not doing their jobs. It amazes me that churches are soooo unable to tell people that if they don't have time for their jobs then they should go find another! Our nursery has run amuck and no one seems in a hurry to correct the problem. It makes me sad, though, because I see people come and go because of the state of that side of the building. And let's not talk about the friends I have who just aren't coming so their kids don't get sick in the dirty nursery. Our pastor keeps saying "be patient," and really, in 3 months my youngest won't even be over there, but come on. Only in a church can you not really do your job and still have it. And don't even get me started on the secretary that is senile and still an employee.

Then there is home... After much begging we have put the girls in two rooms, but every night Kali ends up in Megan's room. Megan doesn't seem to mind. It's almost as if she just wanted to be able to say "my room," but can someone remind me why I had to rearrange an entire room for that? It really may have more to do with Megs inability to be mean to Kali. At bedtime every night Kali starts to cry and Megan gives in. I'm hoping this one will work itself out.

I guess that pretty much updates the soap opera areas... things are great otherwise. Robert and I are getting along pretty good, my semester is almost over, and the pool opens soon! What more could a girl want?


PS. Did you know that if you moderate comments and don't fill it all out you don't realize you have messages until you decide to post! Sorry for those who think I was ignoring them!