Monday, March 26, 2007

Disappearing Act...

I haven't really disappeared... we have just been crazy busy! The closer it gets to the end of the year, the more I realize how there are not enough hours in the day! UGH!

I have posted quite a few times about my darling Kali... and her great ability to hear things that no 6 yr old should hear... oh, and her love of repeating them. Well, this weekend really just takes the cake. On Saturday, Megs tells me that Kali learned about sex at school... HUH??? So, then I ask Kali what Megs meant. Kali then tells me that two girls from her class told her that sex is... if you are easily offended skip down please... when you are naked and you kiss each other's privates, as she points to her girly parts. WHAT?!!!

What 6 yr old should have that knowledge???? My first thought was that the kid must be experiencing some molestation or something. When I got to school this morning, I emailed Kali's teacher and told her what was going on. She immediately took care of it... meaning she took the girl in the hall, found out what she had said, made the girl call her mother, and spoke with the mother herself. Now... here is the most disgusting part of it all... the girl is not being molested... she went to her MiMi's house and MiMi let her watch a movie that you and I would probably never even consider watching... XXX ring a bell? OHG! That is sooooo not ok!!!!!

The situation within the classroom has been taken care of... but what do I do about my 6 yr old who's mind has been corrupted? She's been hard enough to raise as it is... I mean, I never had to tell Megs that it wasn't ok to dance naked on the coffee table.. Kali on the other hand has had that lecture more than once. After the discussion with Kali, I told her that God made sex for men and women who are married and that when she is older we will discuss it more... but if she had anything to say about it she needed to talk to her father or I... not any other kids! AUGH!

Any other ideas here?


Sunday, March 18, 2007


Last week, when I went to Ft. Worth with my friends, I bought a navy polka-dotted dress. I searched all week for shoes here in the great town of Abilene... found nothing! I knew that when we went to Ft. Worth again this weekend that I would find something. Wrong again. So... if anyone knows where I can find some great navy shoes to go with my dress... let me know! Oh... and I tried these shoes on last night at Target... a random woman walking down the isle told me "they have the less hoochie version of those at Kohl's." Go take a look... are they hoochie shoes?


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Break

We have had a pretty interesting spring break... but I'm hoping it is over soon! I love my kiddos... and we have gone to the movies, bowling, the zoo, Sonic, etc. etc. I have run out of ideas... and the girls are at each other's throats constantly. Can someone tell me who exactly spring break is for? I mean, I can't think that the disruption of a child's routine is healthy for them... just look at my kids! But then again... being a teacher... I could use the break! HAHA! Wish there was some way to take a teacher break without taking a kids break! Guess that is asking too much! :)

Hope everyone is having a blast... with much less conflict... hahahahaha


Monday, March 12, 2007

Can I Move?

This weekend I headed to Dallas for a bit of R & R... which really means a bit of shopping and more shopping and fun places to eat! We even went to a comedy club! Fun stuff!
We got to eat at P.F. Chang's Saturday night... can I just say that the place is one of my favorites. If you are ever anywhere that has one you should check it out.... yum, yum! The food was awesome... but so was the service. After our server brought us our drinks and straws.. he came back and took the straw trash... now how many times have you had a server do that? I know, we a bunch of nerds, but it was nice to be served by a guy who actually acted like he wanted to be there!

I always enjoy myself when I go to the metroplex, and it is really difficult to make the drive home. I could soooo be a city girl... I mean, all the shopping and entertainment... all the people... even the traffic is fun to me. I wish that Abilene had more entertaining things to do. I mean, even though we have things like Macy's, Mervin's, Super Target, Kohl's, On The Border, and something else I can't remember headed our way... there doesn't seem to be any entertainment venues. I mean, not that shopping isn't great fun... but, if you want to go out on a Friday night your choices are limited to bars, movies, putt putt, bowling, skating, and occasionally a play or two... wish there was some way to make the powers that be understand that we need some fun stuff to do. Hmmm... wonder who you call for that...

Anywho.. it is spring break this week... let's hope I can come up with fun stuff to keep the kiddos occupied so they don't spend a week trying to kill each other. Any ideas?


Friday, March 09, 2007

Out of Gas...

Watch me tie my title into this post in two ways... ok I'm a nerd...

Yesterday, I was sitting in my office and my cell phone rang. It was one of my favorite students of all time... Darshunda... or better known as Baby D. Let me tell you a little about her before I go on... She is a 6'4" black girl who is loud and outspoken and who will go to the mat for anyone she calls a friend. She comes from a family where there are no men... and where she is today is because the girl has some backbone. I have had the opportunity, over the last 2 semesters, to have long discussions with her about the company you keep and how they can affect your future... as well as to encourage her to follow her dreams. I absolutely love the girl... and she comes to me now whenever she needs advice or help or she just wants to chat. Ok... back to the story... Baby D was in the middle of I-30 in Ft. Worth and her car had died. Another tangent here... when she decided she wanted a car this semester I took her car shopping and helped her find this car from a guy Rt works with... so I feel slightly responsible if something happens to her in it. So... the car has died and she doesn't know what to do. I tell her to stay in the car and wait because I'm sure the cops will show and help her get to the side of the road. They did and then the police officer took her to a waffle house and dropped her off, because he didn't want to leave her on the side of the interstate. Problem: her family is in Dallas and she has no one to come get her. I start calling around trying to find someone to help her... finally found a friend... then the friend's car broke down. Finally, 3 hrs later her uncle picks her up (the only man she's related to... but one that doesn't see them ever). They go back to the car and we are trying to diagnose the problem... me on the phone and compt... her uncle in the car. Now, never once did I think, oh she ran out of gas. I was imagining disaster and it was stressing me out. But the more he messed with it, it dawned on me that was the problem... you know, seeing as how I've run out of gas more than a time or two. They go get a gas can... yep that was the problem. Praise God... but girl, you gotta read the gauge! :) I was exhausted by the time all of that was done! I don't think I have ever been sooo worried about someone.. .I just wanted to hop in my car and drive to Ft. Worth... which I probably would've beat the uncle thank you very much.

We have a friend who had a miscarriage about 8 mths ago... her due date was this weekend... so there are 4 of us taking her away for a shopping trip to Ft. Worth. While I know this trip will be good for her... I also know that I am sooo out of steam (gas... whatever, told you I'd tie it in) that I am hoping this trip will renew me in some way... guess we will see... see ya Sunday!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I had a very interesting conversation today about forgiveness... mainly because I'm having some issues with forgiving some people in my life. Here's the theory: We in America have a very distorted idea of forgiveness.

If someone steps on your foot and they say 'I'm sorry' what do you say? Most of us say 'oh, that's ok'.... well, really? was it ok that they stepped on my foot? Heck, no... and what I really mean is 'your forgiven and I won't hold it against you.' Now if you keep stepping on my foot, I will probably still forgive, but I will choose not to be close to you... and that's ok...

Now, this story was told to me as a means to help me understand why I am feeling so bitter towards a particular person... why I am having difficulty forgiving. It's because I don't want to say 'what you did to me was ok' and to a certain extent by saying 'I forgive you' I feel like that is the message I am sending. So... rather than send that message... it's easier to stay emotionally detached... easier to not forgive.

So... I guess what I need to say to a couple of people is: I forgive you... but the way that you treated me was not ok... and although I can forgive you I will not be treated this way. Perhaps we all could learn a lesson from this...


Monday, March 05, 2007

Seriously now...

Megs principal called today after school to tell me that she and 3 other children had been sent to her office.... why? you might ask. Megs took her earrings off at gym, because they were hurting her ears... Isaac grabbed her earring, handed it to Coby and then took Becca's earring... at which point both boys decided to pierce their ears. Huh? So the 4 children got sent to the Principal's office. Now, maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that if some stupid little boy grabbed Megs earring... and she didn't hand it to him... and she was asking for it back... that she shouldn't have been in trouble... but I guess that's just me. The principal did tell me that Megs was very upset and that she understood Megs didn't give the boy the earring... so, um, why didn't she tell Megs she wasn't in trouble? Why did she yell at her like she did the other three? Cuz let me tell you how upset Megs was by the time she got home to me... oh my, you would've thought she had been suspended or something... and she's even saying she is never going to wear earrings again... now come on! Any thoughts here?


Flaky Moments

I'm not sure what my problem is, but I cannot seem to focus or remember anything... here are a few of the stupid things I have done lately...

This morning I took my class to a Professional Development seminar that isn't until the 20th of March. You might ask how I could mess that up... well, I had to RSVP by the 5th... and if I had read the paper better I would've realized it! UGH!

Yesterday I went to tan at a place I don't normally go... on a bed that I assumed was not as powerful as the high speed beds... and guess what? I burned my entire body... even my bottom... so I now look like a great big lobster.

The other sad part is that I keep using the wrong words and saying the wrong things etc... what is wrong with me?

Any ideas?


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cell Phones and Other Drama...

After the sitting on the railroad tracks experience with the bus, Megs got a cell phone. I know, I know, she's only 9... she's way too young to have one... and if we lived in town it wouldn't have happened... but she has to ride the bus... and the cell phone was the best idea. (Besides, my cell phone was not cutting it anymore and by adding another phone I got the pretty pink razor and she got the old one until we can upgrade Rts phone in August.) Anywho... on the bus today her cell phone was stolen. (Insert dramatic music here.) When she told me, I got online to see what numbers the thief had dialed... and called them all myself. I narrowed it down to two options... Tara and Roger. I called Tara's foster parents at 7:30 to check things out, and Tara was already asleep and they weren't overly concerned about it. No big deal. I called Roger's parents and Roger did indeed have the phone... he says he found it on the bus floor... but he is grounded for life and will be bringing the phone to Megs in the morning. Being the responsible person I am, and not wanting Tara to get beat, I called her house again at 9:24 pm to tell them the phone had been found. The foster mother answered the phone with a 'hello we are trying to go to sleep' ... and hung up. Now, when I heard the hello I simply said "This is Jessica Wheeler again and I just wanted to let you know that we have found the phone"... I'm not sure if she heard any of it since she was soooo busy yelling at me and hanging up the phone. Jerk! Here's my question, though, was I wrong for calling at 9:24? Should I have just left the parents thinking the girl had the phone? Hmmm...

On another note, it is once again Dittos for Kiddos time. My friends and I got to the sale at 4:15 so we could be some of the first into the building. While we were spending our 45 min in line, we realized that some nerd had parked behind my friend's van, blocking her in. I guess the woman didn't realize that my friend was the second row... thereby sandwiching her in. Amy is not shy... so she went down the line a bit and just made an announcement that the maroon van needed to move... it moved. Well, when we came out of the sale, there was an entire third row of vehicles down much of that aisle... blocking not only Amy in, but about 6 other people. Now, I am a woman driver... and I know my husband would swear that men would never do that... but, come on, how can you pull into a parking place and not realize that there are two other vehicles in front of you?