Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Food issues...

I'm fat. I get it. In fact, by medical standards I am morbidly obese. For whatever reason, I cannot seem to loose weight and I am trying to take care of that. In fact, I have a dr's appt (that I am scared to death about) on Thursday. I have done my darnedest not to pass whatever food issues I have down to my children, but obviously, I have failed (don't you dare read this & judge me...we all have issues...I'm just willing to share mine)

In the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that Kali has some SERIOUS FOOD ISSUES. I don't know if she thinks we are starving her, or what, but she's driving me crazy. In fact, this morning, she stood in the kitchen counting kolaches in order to make sure she got her fair share. Sunday night at BWW, she inhaled the cheese fries out of the basket lest Megs get more than her & when we said she couldn't take the 2 leftover wings home, she inhaled them before anyone else could grab them. Um... child... have I ever not given you your fair share of food? Have you ever missed a meal by my choosing? The answer to both of those questions is NOOOOOOO, but for some reason, the child seems to think otherwise. 

So yeah. I have obviously failed and any suggestions of how to handle this child would be greatly appreciated. I mean, I'm not about restricting her tall, skinny self when it comes to food, but she has got to quit inhaling her food like we are going to steal it from her. Maybe that's it... the skinny child thinks the fat family is going to eat her food... O_o 

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Oy. I know that for many of you, the sight of this screen

makes you think happy thoughts. I know this, because I have a teenager that is OBSESSED with Pint3rest. But, if I were to be honest, which I usually am, her continuous 'look at this' make me want to stab myself in the eyeball with a pencil.

It's not because she's looking at awful things either. She finds really awesome things on Pint3rest. The problem, for me, is that Pint3rest reminds me I suck at life. I mean, the recipes remind me I can't cook creatively & honestly, I probably wouldn't eat it if I made it & neither would my children (picky eaters). The crafty crap reminds me that I am somewhat lacking in the 'girl' skills required to be crafty. Last time I touched a glue gun, I burned myself. Pretty much every category causes me to have an 'I suck at life' reaction.

And let's talk about categories. What?!? Organization?! Who decides what goes in all of those categories? & how do I make my mind work like that?!??? I look at everyone else's boards & I'm always overwhelmed by the number of boards & the number of pins in each board. Can't I have one board where I put everything?? Why do I have to have multiple boards? As you can see, I have 5 boards:

1. Things my husband needs to make me---Code for these require tools I don't know how to use or attention to detail, which I do not do well.
2. My tummy wants these---Code for one of my friends that enjoys cooking needs to cook for me.
3. Fun hair---Code for oooo I wish I could, but I live in conservative hell & can't.
4. Things I might try---Code for & by me, I mean my child.
5. Things that make me laugh, cry, or think---Code for I will prob get in trouble for liking these.

Oy. Just posting those boards makes me want to run & throw up. I'm pretty sure a social media site shouldn't give me that reaction. Am I the only one that feels this way?!? Is there a cure?!? And if there's not, can one of you come sit & listen to my child's 'look at this' so I can quit wanting to stab my eyes out?

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