Monday, March 17, 2014


I have been trying to figure out why St. Patrick's Day is my favorite 'holiday' all morning (instead of doing my homework). I think I finally figured it out.

No, it's not the beer, even though I do love a couple of beers, I'm not the lush many of you think I am.

It's not all the green clothing & accessories, even though green is my favorite color & I'm all about waking up knowing what I'm going to wear for the day!

It's not even my Irish roots (biological last name is McCubbin), that I know very little about, other than everyone dies from Diabetes & Alcoholism in that family tree.

My love of this day has everything to do with friends & fellowship. Most other holidays remind me that my family relationships are complicated & frustrating. But this day? This day is all about friendships. It's all about being around the people who encourage me daily & acting silly. (I mean, come on, green glasses & shamrock headbands?)

So enjoy your 'holiday' & love the people who brighten your day!

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