Monday, January 26, 2009


When the semester started, I swore I was going to be more productive. I was going to limit the time doing the 'extras' that I find so enjoyable on the computer and really focus on getting work done... well... it hasn't exactly happened! There are several reasons why and I can justify every single one of them, but it doesn't change that I'm not being nearly as productive as I thought I was going to be... oh well... surely catching up with long, lost friends on facebook is just as important as reading my text books...right??? Besides, I've taught 4 semesters out of the book... I've got it down... snicker, snicker!!!! Anyway, how many of you are sticking to your resolutions???

Friday, January 23, 2009


I have spent the last couple of days thinking about regrets. Can you pinpoint one decision that changed the rest of your life? Did you know immediately it was the wrong decision, or did it take a few years to figure it out? I made a decision, when I was 16 years old, that I regretted almost immediately, but as quickly as I figured out what I had done wrong, the opportunity to correct the decision was lost. Eventually, the pain associated with the decision lessened, but I don't think it ever really went away and I always wondered what could've been. Two days ago, I was reminded in a very big way that decisions we make when we are 16 can forever change the course of your life... and as I have watched my students over the last couple of days I want to stand on my desk and tell them to think before they act, because if I could undo that decision I would... In fact, I would give just about anything to reverse my actions, but it is impossible and the damage may never be reversed. I am hopeful, although it probably doesn't sound like it, that I am wrong... that things can begin anew after 16 years... the the wrong can be made right... but I will just have to keep you posted on that! Good night my friends... I hope that everyone finds their weekend to be restful... and their dreams to be answered!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I signed on to teach an 8am class at CJC this semester...I'm not sure
what I was thinking! They say it gets easier, but I'm not convinced!
I'm definetly feeling for the people who do the real world hours
everyday! I'm going to need a nap after my 1pm class!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

First Day of Classes...

Today is the first day of classes for the Spring semester! WOoHoo! One of the things that I love about teaching college is that I get to start over every semester! These new students don't know anything about me, so I could totally recreate myself! (Wait... they only know what their friends have told them...) Anyway, I'm too lazy to recreate myself each semester, but it did get me to wishing I could call 'do over' in real life! I mean, I have my moments, we all do, where I have done something insensitive and hurt someone I care about, or done something that I know is going to haunt me later in ways that I couldn't have guessed! I am struggling right now with the loss of a friendship. We both screwed up, but for me the loss is always a little bit harder because of my upbringing. I wish I had a 'do over' but that would erase my stupid actions over the last semester and make things all better! But... there are no 'do overs' and I will learn from my actions and move on... but it still sucks!

BTW, this grown up time schedule thing is killing me! It is noon and I want a nap so bad I can't stand it!

Friday, January 09, 2009


I am going to a funeral this morning that I don't really want to go to... not because I don't love the person who passed away, but because the grief from my gma's death is still fresh and this woman was my gma's best friend for many years. For those of you who live in Abilene, you have probably seen footage of the wreckage from the accident earlier this week. My Great Aunt Joyce was driving and her mother, Grandma Reed, was sitting in the passenger seat. Aunt Joyce pulled out in front of oncoming traffic that she couldn't see and Grandma Reed was killed instantly. Joyce is at Harris Hospital in Ft Worth with a broken nose, broken ribs, a huge gash above her eye and is recovering physically... however, emotionally she is not doing so great. In her eyes, she killed her mother! The rest of the family has assured her that it was Gma Reed's time to go, but Joyce is struggling. Please keep that family and mine in your prayers today as we struggle through this service. Aunt Bev is singing in the funeral and I can only imagine how difficult that will be... I don't think I could've sang at my gma's funeral! Thanks for the prayers...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Sorry for my repeated absences... it has been an interesting break but nothing I thought ya'll would want read about! =)

We celebrated the New Year by 'going dancing'... which is my favorite late night activity but not my husband's. I'm sure we will reach a point where he will tell me we can't go anymore... but I hope not because I would probably just find a substitute! (JK...) ANyway, I had a blast and saw tons of people that I have grown up with! The only uncomfortable part of the evening was the clothing that people choose to wear... I wanted to take them aside and tell them that their outfits were neither appropriate or attractive! I bit my tongue though!

After the dancing we came home and played Rock Band until 2am and watched a movie til 4am...I think I'm toooooo old to stay up that late, because I was a big ole grouch when my kids came home at 10am! blah!

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a great first 6 days of the year, I'll post more later!