Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I'm not sure why the pic is so small, but here's Halloween for us. Megan was a pirate again and Kali was a bride... or better yet the runaway bride since she had her camo tennis shoes on. We are all about recycling this year! Megan's costume cost way too much last year and so she knew she had to wear it again. Kali's dress is the flower girl dress from the wedding this summer and she had my vail from my own wedding. Our church had their fall festival tonight so we hung out at the church for a few hours and then headed home. We've already gone through our candy and weeded out the stuff we don't like so I have goodies to take to my students tomorrow. haha!
I leave Thursday afternoon for a walk to Emmaus. Please keep me in your prayers over the weekend. While I am very excited about this experience, there is still a part of me that is leary.... not of anything that is going to happen even though I have NO CLUE what happens while you are there, but because I am a firm believer that the only time Satan cares what a Christian is doing is when they are becoming closer to God... so by going on this walk I almost feel like I'm putting a target on my chest for Satan. I know that sounds a little morbid, but the times in my life that I have struggled the most and felt truly attacked are the times when I have been trying the hardest to be closest to God. Pray for my family too... Thursday-Sunday is a long time to be without a Mom in the house.
God bless and I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll post again Monday!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's the world coming to???

Update: I did go to the dr yesterday and I have bronchitis. Yuck! I got a shot, antibiotics, cough medicine and two inhalers. He said I should start feeling better soon. I told his nurse when I went in that if he told me it was allergies again I was going to kick him... guess he listened! ha! He did say that this season is the worst one for allergies... he also mentioned my dogs... hmmm... what to do, what to do????

Now to the serious part:

I am a huge Boston Legal fan, but man, tonight's episode was depressing. You can read the episode recap if you would like on the link above. There were many twists and turns tonight, but the most frustrating part was that a man who was innocent was murdered because a town didn't want him around. He had convicted of rape at 17 for having sex with his 16 yr old girlfriend and when he moved to the town he registered as he was supposed to. The rape was overturned, but the town didn't care, they wanted him gone. Even the town Priest was ugly to him. I'm not sure what the creators of the show were wanting to leave the audience with... I mean, were they pointing out that "Megan's law" has some real issues, were they pointing out that we are not a very forgiving society, were they pointing out that parents will do anything to protect their children??? I'm not sure... but I do know I have a problem with a law that puts a man who had sex with his girlfriend on the same list as a man who molests little children... perhaps something should be changed in the law. I am more concerned about how the church was portrayed though... a part of me understands their behavior but I also know that there was nothing ok with it. Do we really treat people like that???

To make matters worse I watched the news after the show and got to hear about a 15 yr old boy who beat a homeless man to death. Now, is it just me, or do you question how things like that happen? Did the kid just wake up this morning and decide it was a good day to kill someone? Where were his parents? What has happened in his life that would give him the rage necessary to kill a person? Other questions that the new story left me with were about the victim... apparently he was a Vet who has lived on the streets of Abilene for several years... huh? several years? a Vet? How do people like this slip through the cracks? Why was he on the streets?

Ok, I know this is a depressing post... but golly... what is this world coming to???? I will never understand how people can do such horrible things to each other. It is just not ok...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

What a weekend!

Another weekend gone... and what a weekend it has been...

I hosted a bridal shower (with 9 other women) on Friday night and in the middle of the shower I got a phone call from my husband. I, of course, didn't have my phone on me, so I didn't know I had received the call. Oops. When I finally checked the message I quickly got in the car and sped home... wanna know why???? There was a skunk in the dog fence! Ugh! When I got home, I found my husband sitting in a lawn chair waiting for the skunk to emerge from behind the doghouse. I finally got the water hose and squirted the smelly creature out of his hiding place. On his way to dispose of the skunk, Rt saw another skunk leaving our yard... what's that about? We have lived here for almost 3 years and have never seen a skunk in our yard... in the last week Rt has seen several! And for those who are saying 'ah, poor skunk' sorry to offend, but if you had smelled my yard and vehicle all day Saturday, you would realize that skunk and man cannot cohabitate!

My dad went in for his interview with Cintas. Must to our surprise, he is considering NOT taking the job. This is not ok with any of us, and we do not understand his logic... so just keep him and us in your prayers. I don't want him to turn down a position just because it scares him. Anything is better than the jail!

We took the girls to see "Hairspray" this weekend at the $1 theater... and Megan didn't like it. When I probed her for answers I found out that she just didn't get parts of it. Can you guess what part of the movie she didn't get??? The racism part! We spent the entire ride home trying to explain to her the stupidity of prior generations. And the stupidity that still exists today. Then we watched "Glory Road" and had to explain again why all the bad things happened to the black basketball players. And why the confederate flag was disrespectful. Anyway, poor kid... you could tell that she didn't really get why people would act that way. If you haven't seen Glory Road... you should see it... it is a great movie...

Well, since I've had a sinus headache for 3 days I think I'm going to go to bed now... Hope everyone had a great weekend...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I feel icky! I hate sinus stuff! I do great as long as I'm sitting still, but as soon as I move the icky feeling comes back. Hmphf! I have stuff to do... I don't have time to be sick!

I played hookie from school today and I let Megs stay home too (she's sick too). We decided to go to the mall before we picked Kali up from school and right when I walked into the mall I saw 2 students that I would've had in class today. It wouldn't have been so bad, but these were Cooper High School kids... ummmmm.... they weren't supposed to leave campus! Megs thought it was funny!

I have a 'what to do' question for ya'll... Megs got her health check done at school last week and she was quite upset about her weight. What would you do if it were your own kid? I already watch what she eats... am I supposed to put her on a diet? She weighs 6 pounds less than I did when I graduated high school... she's only 3 inches shorter than I was then, but still.... what would you do?

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's cold outside...

Today is one of those days where it would have been nice to stay in bed! It's cold! The forecast for the week is a cool one... part of me is happy because I really hate to be sweaty... the other part of me is sad because I hate to shiver. Where is the happy medium?

I did get my house cleaned. Or at the least the part of the house that I was responsible for. Robert helped out a lot, and so that made a difference. The girls cleaned their end of the house, but it wasn't my kind-of clean... I'm learning to let go of that idea that it will be spotless... but it's hard!

Kali woke up Sunday with a low-grade fever so we stayed home from church. It is amazing how much you can get done if you do not leave your house for an entire day. We did 10 loads of laundry and got them all put away (miracle, huh, holly?). I cleaned out all of the closets... meaning I took out the stuff that was too small, too ugly, or otherwise not going to be worn and put it away for the next dittos... and got an idea of what all I need to purchase in order for my kiddos to be clothed this winter. I even cleaned and organized a couple of kitchen cabinets. If only I had one day a week that I could dedicate to getting on top of my house. Again, this is why I need a wife!

I called the dr this morning to make appointments for me, Megan, and Kali as we all have heads full of snot (ewwww... not one of my fave bodily fluids), but they had no available appts. Nice. The nurse did call me back, though, and she is just going to call me in some Z-packs... so maybe I'm glad there were no appointments... this way I only have to pay for the meds and not the 25$ copay for all 3 of us.

Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Busy weekend ahead...

It's amazing to me that my house has not been condemned. Well, maybe it's not that bad, but it is pretty bad. I don't see how people keep a clean house constantly! I can't do it. There is laundry to be put away on the couch... laundry to be done on the kitchen floor (no laundry room, the kitchen floor is the closest place to separate before it heads down the hall)... both bathrooms need to be cleaned... let's not even talk about the last time the place was dusted... and once again I cannot see the actual counter in kitchen! Ugh! I have this overwhelming urge to put my fingers in my ears and starts singing (you know, like when someone's trying to tell you something you don't want to hear!). I know exactly what has caused this disaster to happen in my house... it is called life. I get up between 6:30 & 7... leave the house by 7:30 in order to get the kids to school by 8 (have I told you how much I love country living?)... go to work until I pick the kids up at 3... MW is reading camp... Tues is speech... Wed is church... Thurs is soccer.... then the weekend hits! Thursday nights is the only night that I get home by 3:30... then it's right out the door to soccer. I guess I could be like a couple of my friends and give up sleep so that I could maintain my house, but that doesn't sound appealing by any means... not to mention if I don't go to sleep by 10:15ish on a consistent basis I get complaints from those around me that I'm not a nice person... SOOOOOO... does anyone have some ideas for how I can manage my house, my job, my kids, the bills, the pets, church, etc. Oh and I do like to have friends... so occasionally I like to do things with them! Ugh! I SERIOUSLY NEED A WIFE~

I still haven't heard anything about my dad's job. I know he is sooo frustrated. Keep praying something comes up. He'll stay at the prison til it kills him... which is liable to happen since it is the jail we are talking about! Gah, that sounds bad... but since he started at the jail the stress really has done things to his normally healthy body.

Oh, and does anyone need a bunk bed? We have a set that we got when RT and I were separated... it is a futon on bottom and twin on top. It is from Sam's and we bought it from the woman who bought it from Sam's. It is just sitting in my entryway right now and needs a place to go! :)

Have a blessed weekend.... and if you know a solution to my housing dilemma, let me know!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Cintas didn't call. Hopefully they will call today. I hate the waiting game and I want this to work out for my parents! It has been difficult watching them struggle financially over the last couple of years.

One of the things that I enjoy about reading my friend's blogs is the amount of honesty about how life really is. People talk about their lack of time management skills, their slip ups, their bad parenting moments, their imperfect marriages, children's, selves...etc etc. As if blogspot is a safe forum... away from judgement. Here is my question... why is it that being truthful about struggles is so easy online, but not in person? Or maybe the better question for me is why is it that when you tell people you are struggling 'out loud' you get the look that says 'I can't believe you said that out loud.'

You all know Rt is in school and lets just say that this last writing assignment he had really made me question whether our marriage would survive the assignment. In fact, the process was so frustrating for me that I left him at home Sunday morning and went to church. During Sunday School, I asked for prayers for both Rt and I as this research paper was causing much frustration for him and was causing much conflict in our marriage. I didn't share all the gory details of the not nice things that had been said over the course of the weekend, but I did say that we were both struggling with our tempers etc. I didn't look at the entire room as I was speaking, but I did look at one of the sections and both of the wives had looks on their face like 'oh my... I can't believe she said that.' I've tried really hard to not think about what was going on in their heads, but you know how well that works sometimes. I guess I just wish that we really were free to be honest with the people who are supposed to care without feeling the airs of judgement. And I know that not everyone was acting like they did... but it just annoys me!

SO.... for the women who acted like this here is my message to you... The one thing that I have discovered over the last few years is that we all have 'crap' going on in our lives. Everyone yells at their kids or their husbands once in a while... Everyone has problems with handling money... or eating right... or making the right parenting choices... and the list goes on and on... I have not met one person who can honestly say that they are perfect... so just for me, the next time someone asks for prayers for something that is happening in their life... just smile and pray... appreciate the honesty, because I would rather see honesty any day over fakeness.

...ok... sorry if I'm venting again... jess

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Needed prayers...

When my dad lost his job at Crown, Cork & Seal (remember, they closed last year) he had much difficulty finding another and eventually ended up with the jail. Well, for those who know anything about him, you know the jail is SOOOOOO not the place for my sweet little dad. He has held his own and is definitely respected, but he always has seen life through rose colored glasses and the jail is changing that. He interviewed for a job at Cintas about 6 mths ago and although they really, really wanted to hire him, something happened corporately and they weren't able to. At that point, they told my little brother, who works at Cintas, that they would find a way to hire my dad. Well, yesterday, they told my little bro that they were calling my dad TODAY! Please pray that the job is something my dad can take! I mean, at this point he would take just about anything, but he has to make more than he does at the jail, otherwise my parents cannot pay the bills. When my dad took the job at the jail he took at 30,000$$ a year pay cut (not that he had a choice... there are no jobs in Abilene) and this last year or two has been very hard on my parents. Anyway, pray, pray, pray...

Monday, October 15, 2007


Ok, I have to vent a little! Last year, Abilene passed a no smoking ban that covers restaurants, bowling alleys, bars, and even entryways to buildings. I don't smoke (I used to smoke one cigarette when we went out dancing... but that is now illegal) so other than I'm annoyed that my friends have to go outside and smoke if we go out dancing... it really is no biggie to me. But what I don't understand is how we can tell people that they cannot smoke in a bar, which is a place that I would fully expect people to smoke, and yet we will not tell parents they cannot smoke in their car with their children! Can someone explain this to me? I mean, if I choose to go to a bar that I know is going to be smoke filled it is my personal right, but a child has no ability to stand up for themselves! Ugh!

You might ask what is bringing this little rant on... and here is what it is... This morning, while sitting at a red light, I look over and see a mom in a little bitty car (you know, roller skate on wheels) with the windows rolled up tight... she had two little kids strapped into their car seats and she was puffin' away. I wanted to get out of my car and knock on her window and give her some statistics regarding death and cigarette smoking... or better yet, the statistics that link children's asthma to parental smoking. but I didn't... I just drove on.

I get that smoking is a person's right... and I get that I shouldn't tell people how to raise their children. BUT COME ON... if you ask anyone who smokes, they will tell you that it is awful for them... and yet, most smokers still smoke in the presence of their children. WHY??? My cousin works for the American Cancer Society and one of her jobs is to answer questions about loss. A few months ago a woman called to ask if her dog was dying of lung cancer because she smoked around the dog... my cousin answered "Yes, smoking has been directly linked to lung cancer" and the woman burst into tears. I have yet to meet a parent who wants to give their child lung cancer (or their pet), so why do people continue to smoke in their presence?

Let me just clarify here before I get a bunch of strange comments from people about smoking being their right... I do get that... and I honestly believe that if you want to contaminate your body with that crap it is sooooo your right and I will leave you alone... but it is not your children's (or your pets) choice... so don't smoke around them!

Ok... I think I have that out now... Keep me in your thoughts about 3 o'clock... we have a dept meeting with the Dean, VP, and Registrar...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Long day...

It is only 6 o'clock, but I could seriously crawl into my bed and stay there until morning. Megan had her birthday sleepover last night and I got all of 4 hrs sleep. The girls had a good time, though, so I guess my lack of sleep was well worth it. We ended up eating dinner at Olive Garden last night and then we went to see the movie Sydney White. The girls really enjoyed the movie, but it didn't end until after 11. By the time we got home and they played it was pretty late! At 2:20 am I told them to go to sleep and I think they did... but I was passed out, so who knows! At 7am they woke me up so I could cook the cinnamon rolls... aren't they sweet?

Kali had a soccer game today. The team we played was quite aggressive and both Kali and her friend Karina were "injured" during the game. The girls were fine after a few tears, but I really wanted to go ask the other team's parents what they were teaching their team... I mean, last I heard pushing and tripping in 7 yr old soccer is not acceptable and someone really could've been hurt! I guess this is all just part of the game, but I'm finding that parents are rather annoying on the benches... I just want to hold up a sign that says "Our kids are 6-7 for goodness sake... lighten up!!!!" Oh well, only 2 more games! I wonder if softball is any better?

Ok... I'm done for the night! Have a good rest of the weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Happy 10th BD Megan! (It was yesterday, but my compt crashed again!) I have written and rewritten this post this morning. It is hard to put all of what Megan is into words. She is very intelligent and excels in school. Her teachers love her, but I think it has something to do with the fact that they don't really have to teach her. She loves to sing and we have been informed by many that she has a gift. She loves the Lord and doesn't understand when kids at school don't . She is kind-hearted and hates for people to be ugly or mean. She helps around the house and she is a great help with Kali. She really is a good kid and she is quite responsible. Life isn't exactly easy for our dear little Megpie. She is sooo hard on herself to be perfect in school and in life that she is full of anxiety. We are constantly encouraging her to just do things and that she needn't try to be perfect, but she still struggles. Someday her perfectionistic tendencies will probably benefit her, but when you are 10 they just make life difficult! (If anyone knows a solution to this, let me know!) Anyway, while life with Megs isn't always easy emotionally she is a wonderful kid whom we love very much! Happy Birthday girl!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Dance Lessons

When Rt and I were separated, we took dance lessons once a week as a way to try to reconcile things. It is very difficult to dance with a person you have no desire to be in the same room with. Now that things are better, we are taking the dance lessons again. It is so much more fun. However, I made a few notes to self while dancing tonight:

1. Don't garden for hours the day before you take dance lessons... especially if the dance is the waltz. (My legs hurt!)
2. Don't try to dance in socks if your husband wears work boots to dance practice... your toes will pay for it.
3. Don't show up late to dance practice... otherwise, you'll have to cut in to dance with your spouse. (I did tell him I would be late and to just dance with someone, but I wasn't sure how to cut in when I finally got there.)

Anyway, if you have the opportunity to take dance lessons you totally should! We are having a great time! We weren't going to do it, at first, because our schedule has been so crazy, but I'm glad we decided to do it!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Flower Garden & Funny Moments

When we moved into our house we had this big round Iris bed on one side of the yard... you know, strategically placed so people driving in could see the pretty Irises when pulling down our drive. {Ok... I must add sarcasm here... I'm not sure why they planted Irises, I mean, they flower once a year so what people really see when they roll down the driveway is big green blades sticking up!) Well, I have done nothing to the flower bed and we have lived here for two 1/2 years. It still has Irises, but it also has a large amount of Johnson grass. A few days ago I decided we should clean it out and plant some crape myrtles in the center and have the Irises surround them. I went out today and started pulling the grass out... it is not as easy as I thought it would be! That grass will not come out. I tried watering the ground so the grass would pull out more easily but all that I accomplished was attracting "Daphne" to the muddy water and dirt. So... if you have any ideas, please pass them on! I thought about spraying weed poison on it, but I don't want to kill the bulbs! (Is that possible!!) Ok... I am in wayyyy over my head!

Funny Moment for today.... and a reminder that I should be glad the camera is in the shop...

While Rt was mowing the yard today I noticed that there was a kitten stuck in the very, very top of one of the many mesquite trees in our 'yard'. Being the kind hearted (or idiotic) person that I am I decided to go up after it! Well, I haven't climbed a tree in years and was never all that graceful at it before... but the poor kitten needed help. I climbed the tree and coaxed the kitten down and then figured out that I myself couldn't get down. Robert was mowing and didn't even notice that I was in a tree. It took him about 20 min, but he did finally come rescue me... if the camera had been in the house I swear he would've gone and gotten it before he helped me out! I had to promise not to climb anymore trees so I guess the kitten is on its own should it get stuck in a tree again!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

No progress

Well, I haven't made any progress in the bed department or the education department. The most difficult thing with the education choice is that I can't wait until I'm told I don't have a job to make a decision... especially because all of the plans include education. I did spend a couple of hours online today looking at education options. Tech has a couple of PhD's that are almost completely online... that is definitely more tempting than moving.

There was a Tech guy at MCM giving a lecture and he brought a SegWay with him. Here are a few pics of the girls trying it out! I got a chance too, but no one took pics of it! It would be great fun to own one, but with a price tag of $5000 I guess I'll be walking instead of rolling!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Running, Running, Running

I'm really considering calling in sick tomorrow just so I can have a break! haah! Just kidding... but it did cross my mind. I would like a day to stay home with no one here so that I can get on top of my house. I seriously need my house cleaner back!

I have a couple of opinion questions for you... decisions I am having difficulty making on my own... Give me your opinions, please!!!

Question 1:
One of my friends and I were talking about my children's sleeping arrangements and she commented that we have had more beds in our house... and she is right. We cannot seem to work out a system that keeps my children happy. First it was separate beds in separate rooms and no one would sleep. Then it was bunk beds in the same room and again no sleepers. Now the girls sleep on the same bed in the same room and they are sleeping just fine. I would really like to get rid of one of their rooms and make them share again and use the other room for a craft/play/TV room, but do I get rid of the bunk beds and buy a full-size bed? Hmmm... How do your children sleep? A few of my friends grew up sharing a room and a bed with their sisters and think that is what I should do, but since I would still prefer to have my own bed I just don't know! (Seriously, I understand the Leave it to Beaver days when couples slept in separate beds... if I didn't share a bed no one would touch me and wake me up in the middle of the night! I know, I have issues!) Anyway, what would you do?

Question 2:
I had a long talk with my dean today about job security... and basically there is none until I get a Phd. and even then who knows. Here are my current options and I would like you to tell me what you would do... Option #1: I take the fast track classes at MCM and get certified to teach high school and use that as my plan B should something happen at MCM. Option #2: I start my Phd in English or EdD in Higher Ed and remain in the college world but in a different position. Neither option really has the security I would like to have, but I am realizing I don't exactly have control over this. I have spent much of my day praying about this and am really trying to let it go... but not stressing over it is easier said than done. {For those who don't know the situation at MCM I'll give you a little catch up.... MCM cut the comm dept and we have one year left...there is no plan after that time and we have no idea how many of us they will keep on. } It would be easy to put all of this on the back burner and try not to think about it, but the truth is I have to have some sort-of plan... I mean, if I am moving to high school I need to take the courses while they are free just like I need to get started with the other courses if I'm staying in the college world! Anyway, what would you do????

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Day Two...

Day two of "Daphne" ownership.

I have never really been a dog person. Cats are more my style... I think it has something to do with the likenesses in our personalities! :) When we got Yogi during the summer I wasn't sure how it was going to go, but I love him and everyone knows he is MY dog. Well, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided we would get Yogi a friend. Daphne is very cute (and I'm sure that is what I was thinking), but she is very much a lab. So far she has been in our family for 24 hours and has managed to desecrate my bedroom floor with her bowels, jump on every surface in the house, and scare sweet little Yogi. So much for Yogi having a friend! I forgot how hyper labs were and how much their tails hurt! Daphne is very happy and therefore her abusive tail is always wagging. I foresee her being an outside dog (only) in a few days. I got up this morning and took the dogs for a walk. Daphne was literally dragging me along, while Yogi was moving quite slowly. I came inside and told Robert that he was going to have to walk the dog or I was going to have to wear running shoes... hmmm... maybe this is a sign!