Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There's an app for that

My bf and I always joke about my iPhone and how there's an app for everything! Well, guess what? There's a blogger app!! Woohoo! This will make blogging sooooo much easier! :)

Here's another pic of me & Jasen! We went to Austin City Limits Music Festival together! It was awesome & this pic is after a day of rain!!!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Catching Up... much has changed since my last posts.... Here goes the catch up...

After much marriage counseling, prayer, and tears Robert and I decided to end our marriage. By the time we are final it will have been 14 years of marriage. I know that this saddens many of you and there are tons of questions, but please know the decision was not made lightly and even the marriage counselor felt that we were making the right decision. You see, when you create patterns in a relationship that are unhealthy and somewhat abusive emotionally and verbally you create a relationship that cannot be fixed. So the paperwork has been filed, the property has been split, the custody has been worked out and I am moving on with my life--head held high because I know I did everything in my power to make things work and life is too short to be miserable!

Enough of the unhappy...let's move to the happy...

I had a very busy summer...if you are a facebook friend, you have seen all the updates and pictures as I have gone along, but if not, here are some pics for you! My babies have very much grown this summer! Megs turned 12 and these first two pictures are from Megs birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

Probably not the best picture of MEgs...but getting the girl to not act like a goof is sometimes next to impossible! She is turning into quite the character and I love her to death! Her sense of humor may be a little warped, but she keeps a smile on my face! Here she is trying to look like a moose... don't ask me why! (Her friend Sarah is in the black!)

Then there is Kali! Here she is with two of my adopted college kids--as they call themselves! Megan & Christy!
This final picture is one of my faves from just this last week. Meet my boyfriend Jasen.... It seems funny to talk about my divorce at the beginning and my new bf at the end of the post, but such is life and you must realize I haven't blogged since August and we are in October now! ;) I met Jasen last year and we were just friends for the longest time. He mowed my yard (or actually started the mower and emptied the bag because I wanted to mow), he let me cry on his shoulder when Robert was being not so amicable, he became my friend and supported me when so many in my life deserted. My daughters informed me this summer that Jasen had a crush on me and both wanted to know why I wouldn't date him. In all my stubbornness, I drug my feet about as long as humanly possible. When my marriage ended, I finally gave in... and have found the happiness that I really didn't think existed. This picture is from our trip to Alabama last week to meet his dad. At Thanksgiving we go to Michigan to meet his mom! I am very happy and so glad my daughters pushed me in his direction. There is a song by lady antebellum called Can't Take My Eyes Off You... and this is how I truly feel... if you have a few minutes... listen to the song! Not sure if it will embed, but I posted the hyperlink.