Friday, June 27, 2008

Headed to the drive in...

I thought I would post a pic of the girls before we head off to the drive in! We are going to see Wall E and Kung Fu Panda (and I know I should link, but I'm too tired)!

We did our beginning of the summer braids... a little late! :) Aren't they adorable???

Isn't it nice when they reach a point where they won't even pretend to smile for you???

And look at the member of the family who never gets to go with us... so sad... but he does sleep with me at night... and when Rt leaves for work in the morning he crawls right into his place, it's quite hilarious! Ok, I obviously have a whole lotta nothing to say... but I hope everyone has a good night!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching up on TV missed...

During the month of season finales we were moving, so I DVRed them and am just now finding the time to watch them! Anyone else become frustrated by the Desperate Housewives finale??? What in the world? Where was Mike??? Now I'm watching Grey's Anatomy and am yelling at the TV... get the poor boy out of the cement... stupid parents, let the kids love each other... Alex, how can you be so stupid??? Anyway, I think I'm a little too invested in my television shows that I watch!

I am feeling a little better about life (or at least better than I was yesterday). I think it is amazing how Satan will use the weaknesses we all have to get into our lives... into our heads... kind of sucks. And from reading blogs of other's that I know, I know that Satan is really messing around in big ways in other people's lives. So I lift myself and all my friends up to you Lord, I pray for your protection and your will.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer going strong!

I'm having a 'Calgon: Take me Away' kindof moment... my youngest has thrown 3 fits in the hallway floor (she's 7), my oldest has shown how truly ungrateful kids can be, and I am so tired of people telling me that things that I say are offensive or hurtful to them.

Issue one... Seriously, Kali is 7 yrs old... aren't we past the whining, screaming, yelling, throwing stage? She was swinging my dog around by his head earlier and I sent her to her room, (I was on the phone and I told her to sit in there until I was done on the phone) at which point she began to wail and thrash from the hallway floor. Seriously? 7 yrs old! It is times like today that year round school sounds great to me!

Issue two... Megs on the other hand, has been just as challenging, in her own way. We went to pick out a new Bible and nothing was good enough... Not the Bible I chose or the Bible covers I asked her to choose from and then to top it off she got all attitudinal because she wanted a highlighter that cost 3$ and I told her no, that she could wait until we went to Wal-mart. Now, had this been a shopping trip for fun, unnecessary things I would probably have set everything down and we would have left, but it was a Bible... you know, one of life's little necessities. And it isn't just today that is frustrating me... for about two weeks I've heard about how I make her do this and this and how miserable her life is etc. Gets a little annoying after a while! Anyone know of some magic solution to the tweenager?

Issue three... Two weeks ago it was my dean calling me in to get on to me for offending a student. Today it was a friend calling to tell me that I hurt her feelings... anyone else like to tell me I've done something hurtful/offensive? I cannot explain the hurt I feel when I get told that I have done something hurtful, because I most definitely do not do thinks out of malice or spite or say things that will hurt people. Not that I don't occasionally say things to people that I know will upset them... but not in either of these cases. And frankly, I'm tired of crying about it! I want to be one of those people who never offends/hurts people, but I'm not exactly sure how to make that happen, since I can't seem to not offend people currently!

Anyway, enough whining... I'm tired from VBS, I think I need about 14 hrs of sleep to catch up... maybe I will go work on that!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It's been a while since I posted so I thought I would catch you up on my happenings since my conference. Maybe I'll break this up into a few posts so you don't get overwhelmed...

After I got back from my conference, I started to unpack with a vengeance. I got about half of the house unpacked and put away and realized that I couldn't unpack anymore... there was no where to put the stuff! I mean, we have 4 boxes of board games and no where to put them. Not to mention that our television had been sitting on the coffee table for the 2 wks since we had moved in! (BTW, it's not that we got rid of anything, our old house had tons of cabinet space... so everything had a drawer or a cabinet.) After much shopping, I lucked into a clearance of furniture at Wal-Mart! I bought 6 bookshelves for 49$ a piece! I did figure out when my friends came over to aid me in unpacking and decorating that I really only have enough books for maybe 2 bookshelves... but amazingly the girls managed to fill up 4 with books and decorations... I'll try to post a pic when I find my camera! (BTW, thanks to Amy and Karen who spent at least 8 hrs decorating my house for me... apparently God forgot to give me the girl gene that deals with decorating!)

Ok, guess I'll stop now... it is VBS week at church and I am the director, so I think a nap is in order before I head off to teach summer school! Hope everyone is doing well!