Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wedding Songs...

My cousin is getting married this summer and both of the girl's and I are in the wedding. Megan is a jr bridesmaid and Kali is the flower girl. I am to sing in the wedding. Misty emailed me and told me just to pick a song. So.... this is where all of you come in. The song has to be religious in nature (I assume that means it must mention God somewhere!) but that's the only requirement. Have any suggestions?????????

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Dentist...

So... I took the kids to the dentist today.... loads of fun, let me tell you! Kali got a clean bill of health. Megan has a cavity... ugh! Our dentist's name is Dr. Payne... what kind-of name is that for a dentist? Anyway, I asked her when we could expect braces for Megs and how much money I should plan for... apparently, my dear megs has more than one issue in her mouth... which means she has many, many years of braces ahead of her, starting at the end of this year... and it will cost us many thousands of dollars... ugh!

I called Rt when I left the dentist office and he reminded me that we truly are blessed... I mean, at least we know that we can come up with the money, all I have to do is teach an overload or three!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I don't wanna grow up...

It's that time of year again... the time when we have to choose our insurance plans and other benefits. I HATE IT! I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm excited that I have health insurance for the first time since I got married, but I hate this process. We have FirstCare insurance... um, yeah, it blows in terms of prescriptions and mental health coverage... but is ok for everything else. Well, that would be all fine and good... except everyone in my family is in counseling and on one medication or another. UGH! Then there is the dental and vision coverage. The vision coverage is good... but the dental is way expensive when you add it all up. I'm not trying to sound all whiny, I know that there are many people without insurance (I was one of them for 12 yrs), but why does it have to be so blasted expensive and cover so little. I hate paying for something I might need. UGH! I wanna be a kid again!
P.S. Does anyone know how much it costs to put braces on a kid? This might be the determining factor in whether I keep the dental or not!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Out of the mouth of babes....

In the car on the way home this evening after listening to my 9 and 6 yr old daughters discuss the boys at school:

Me: Girl's you do realize that it doesn't matter if you don't have boyfriends. There are most def more impt things in life than boys.
Girls: yes mom
Me: Besides, you know you cannot get married until after college anyway (at least not if you want to go for free at the school mommy works for)
Girls: we know
Me: I just want ya'll to enjoy your college experience... not rush into marriage and start making babies...
Megan: R U crazy mom? I am nooootttt having children.
Me: Y not?
Megan: Do you see how we act? I don't want any of those!

Ok... on to bigger problems...

I am seriously struggling with where my children should go to school next year. AISD vs. CLYDE. I have made pro con lists etc. and I have not exactly come to a conclusion. The people in Clyde think I'm crazy for wanting my kids to go to AISD... I mean, they might be exposed to drugs, crime, and God only knows what else. Well, after our experience with Kali learning about sex... not buying that.

Here's a brief list of reasons why I have issue with Clyde:
1. School is too far from Abilene to go eat lunch with my children
2. Kids have to get on bus at 7am so bedtime is ridiculously early
3. There is virtually no diversity in Clyde
4. The city seems to think that saying "I do" should come shortly after high school graduation
5. Most of the illegal things I did in high school happened in Clyde

When I talk to people in Clyde they act like I'm a crack head for wanting my kids to go back to a larger school district. They don't seem so aware of the fact that being culturally aware is good; or that waiting until after college to get married is the trend right now; or that kids are just as likely to smoke pot or have sex in Clyde as they are in Abilene.

Well, after typing all of this out I realize that my kids are soooo going back to AISD. That is unless some of you can convince me otherwise. haha!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The best part of being an instructor is the fun assignments. Fun for me... I should say... not so much my students. This week in Family Communication we are covering family change and stress, and research shows that of all the changes that happen in a marriage system... children are the most stressful. So... I gave my students children today. They will have their precious children for a week and can choose whatever family system they would like: single mom, divorced parents, separated parents, etc. Several have choosen to take the egg and just use their current partners... it will be interesting to see how the assignment differs for those people. Anyway, I'll let you know how many catastrophes we have.


This class is T TH... but I have many of the same students MWF morning. This morning, one of the students came to class without her egg. I asked where the kids was... she said still asleep... I told her that I wanted her to be serious about this assignment. I left school to go to the dentist (YUCK!) and when I came back there was a note on my office door "I took my child to preschool this morning. He was soooo happy that I care about his education, unlike some parents!" Huh? To me that reads, the egg is in the fridge, I hate this assignment... whatcha think?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Pics

Look at my adorable children! Megan informed me that they might be getting a little old for the whole dressing the same... but as long as I can get them to do it... I will. I love how they are all hugging in this picture... the next scene would've had them slugging it out!

Just another pic... turn your computers sideways for a correct look... I couldn't figure out how to rotate it once I downloaded it! Sorry! I love that the cat just had to rub on their legs. Look closely at their bows... London Bridge of all places had the perfect bows... but apparently they are toooo old for bows and have informed it this will be the last one ever...

Oh, and look at the happy family. I am one of those moms... you know, the ones who dress their family in matching clothes... well, not exactly matching clothes, but I usually pic a color and we all have that color in our outfit. Last year it was teal... pink the year before... brown this year. I think we look adorable!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Gina was voted off of American Idol tonight???? Why couldn't Haley, Chris, or Phil get voted off? Or better yet, what about Sanjaya? I mean, come one. At this rate, this will be the last year I watch this show... I can't handle it.

And here is my other question... how in the world is Sanjaya still on? Who is it exactly who is voting for him? I don't buy the theory that it is a bunch of teenage girls... I mean, he's not all that cute. I read an article online that said it is because of Indian call centers... not sure I buy that theory... but you can't tell me that there are thousands of people who are tone deaf and voting. Even Megs realizes the boy cannot sing. If he wins they will definitely have to do some changes to the system or they will lose their audience.

Any thoughts?

What do I put in the eggs?

Can I just say how much this healthy eating stuff from the school district is driving me crazy? Kali brought home a note that the Clyde kindergarteners were going to hunt eggs on Thursday... and that we needed to send 2 dozen eggs to school... here's the kicker... the eggs could not have any food that didn't meet the dietary guidelines of the school. So... their suggestions were stickers, crackers, etc. Huh? went to Wal-Mart last night on the hunt for small packages of something healthy to put in her eggs... no success... so, now I'm the bad mom who sent candy in the eggs. I'm hoping no one checks... or they just dump the eggs in a bucket and no one knows they were Kali's. With my luck she won't get to hunt eggs or something... or she'll just come home with her own eggs full of sixlets. Uh oh... just had a thought... won't the chocolate melt? Hmmm... ok, so it was 10pm and I was tired... I really am going to get the bad mom award!