Friday, September 29, 2006

Weekend Plans

Can I just say how giddy I am with excitement right now? Robert and I are leaving town in 4 hrs to go away without our children. We have been married for 10 years and have NEVER gone anywhere... too poor before we had kids... too poor after we had kids. I just bought tickets for some Improv club called "Four Day Weekend" and got info from my students about the best places to eat. We may do the Medievel Times thing tomorrow night, but we will just see! I am even being a good wife and going to Cabella's... I figure there is girly shopping in the area too... shhh don't tell. The only request Robert has made about the trip is that we find a Fredericks of Hollywood to go to... hmmm, wonder what his intentions are? Anyway, I hope you all have a good weekend! Talk to ya Monday!


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thoughtful reconsideration

On my way to church last night I started to feel a tinge of guilt over my venting on the blog. I would like to clarify that I do love my church... and part of my frustration was with my uncooperative family and the difficulties that come from having church on a Wednesday night.

My biggest issue with Wednesday service has more to do with what it isn't than what it is... and I have sat here and struggled with it. Most churches in today's age are very concerned with bringing in visitors... with bringing in membership... with bringing people to the Lord. This is done by having great choirs/praise teams, by having grand buildings, by having dynamic speakers, and by having services that attract people. Our Wednesday night service is none of those... it is in the fellowship hall... a room that has poor acoustics and no technology... our preacher is very nice, but not so dynamic... and the content for Wednesday's is a bit drab. None of these are meant to attract visitors. BUT... that is ok... and that is what I have realized today. Bro. Mike has called the people who are there on Wednesdays "the meat of the church" and he is right. We spend the first 30 min of our time together discussing prayer requests within our church family and prayer requests within our community. We discuss up and coming activities and we ask for the Lord's guidance in those. These things are all very important within a church... and while they may not be entertaining... and they may not be comfortable to sit through... they are necessary... and I think we forget that.

As for the many suggestions... I do appreciate them... there are no Bible studies on Wednesday night because the preacher wants us to attend prayer meeting... not sure it works... but I understand it. As for praying for God to talk to me... to touch me in some way... I do... everytime I turn on the radio, everytime I walk through the church doors, everytime I open my BIble, I pray for God to take my life and make me what I know He wants me to be. I pray for his word to touch my life and I pray for the knowledge that only He can give. I pray for patience with my children and I pray for the ability to focus even when the message isn't keeping my attention... I know that my Lord can do all of those things... and that is why I get sooooo frustrated when I don't get anything out of the service... because I am most definitely asking for it.

Anyway, this is probably more than you wanted to read so I guess I will sign off now...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My life...

I HATE WEDNESDAYS! There, I said it! Do you feel my pain?
My kids are tired from a day of school... I am tired from a day of work... we have to come home, get cleaned up, and drive the 20 min to the church. Church lasts 1 hr on wednesday nights, at which point my husband comes and picks the children up, so he can take them home and fight with them about going to bed. I have choir practice, so I usually roll in about 9:30pm.
I know that I should be feeling all excited about the opportunity to worship/serve my Lord... but I'm not feeling it. Our church has "Prayer meeting" on wednesday nights for the adults... can I just say how very, very boring prayer meeting is? By the time we are done with the prayer meeting part and the preacher does his little speell I am done for... It is all I can do to sit through it. I get that church shouldn't be all about me... that I should be willing to serve... and it won't be all fun and games... BUT come on! I have not actually gone to prayer meeting in at least a month, because I physically cannot handle it. By the time I walk out of the fellowship hall my head hurts so bad I want to vomit. My solution to this problem has been to drop my children off at G.A.'s and either go run and errand until choir practice or to read my book for the lit class I am taking. I hate that I am not being fed on wednesday nights... I hate that I have such feelings of disgust about the entire process.

Ok... I'm done venting now... sorry if I offended anyone (not that anyone reads my blog anymore according to site meter)... just had to get it out!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I need a little humor...

So... life is stressing me out so I think I need a bit of humor.. here goes... are you ready?

How do you make 5 pounds of fat interesting?????

Did you guess yet????

Put a nipple on it!

My friends livened this one up for me... they added saggy to it! Ain't that the truth!

Here's the other joke...

What did the ghost say to the bee?

Did you guess yet?

Boobee! Get it... booby! Ha ha... I know simple minds simple pleasures... but what can I say...

Ya'll got anymore for me???

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Alyssa Grace

Meet my niece... Alyssa Grace. In Alyssa's short time on earth (she was born yesterday about 2pm) she has been diagnosed with a cleft soft palate, a heart murmur, a kidney disorder, and her left eye did not develop.

Alyssa's parents, Ashley and Matt (my little brother), started dating about a year and a half ago... which means that Ashley got pregnant 9 mo into the relationship. They are not married and this is my brother's third child by the third woman. Ashley has a 4 yr old son from another relationship, as well.

As I held this prescious gift from God my heart ached... how in the world are Matt and Ashley going to be able to handle what the future holds if they can't even commit to each other... and on top of that... how are they going to handle what the future holds without a relationship with God?

So... keep my family in your prayers as we work through these times with baby Alyssa....

Monday, September 18, 2006

How her brain works...

Yesterday afternoon I left my hubby with the kids and went out with a friend to celebrate her birthday. I called to check on things on the way home... Robert was watching SleepyHollow.. you know the one with Johnny Depp... the one that no child should watch.... so I ask "are the kids in there" his response... "no their fine." Hmmmm... at 1:00 this morning Kali comes crawling into bed with us... "Daddy's scary movie gave me nitemares"... huh? Anyway, so no more scary movies Daddy... got it? At about 3 I kicked her wiggly bottom out of my bed and randomly, as she was leaving my room, she says "I think my new name is Lollypop". I'm a bit concerned that might be her future stripper name....

Anyway, this morning while we were getting our shoes on Kali says "Remember my name is lollipop..." and then "I learned how to french kiss on the playground".... HUH????? She explained to her father and I exactly how to do it. I then explained to her that people have germs in their mouths and therefore we do not stick our tongues in other people's mouth.... AUGH! One of my students suggested I tell her that is how you get pregnant!

Gotta love kids!--jessica

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh My Goodness....

Who knew that when you grew up and got a real job you would have absolutely nooooo time for the things you enjoy. I have not read a blog in a least a week... and as you know I haven't posted in 2. I miss you guys and I miss hearing about your lives. I will try to catch you up with the things that have been going on....

Kali has gotten in trouble on the bus about 3 out of 5 days for the last two weeks. So.... after much stressing and praying... I have found a high schooler whose mom works at CJC and that goes to Clyde and drives to Abilene everyday... so... she is going to pick my angels up at school and bring them to me at work. Yippee! I think... I can foresee many difficulties, but at least this way they are with me when I leave work and not riding a bus for over an hour. Now... what to do about snacks!

Because of the bus situation and the amount of driving that I am doing daily, we have been trying to figure out how to move back to town... anyone want to buy a trailer on 19 acres? Maybe someone will happen by and write me a check! ha ha... Another factor in this desire to move comes from a discussion that I had with my 8 yr old this last week. She asked me why her friends thought only black people could listen to hip hop music... that white people should listen to Christian or Country music. My response... huh?! What?! Are there really people out there who think like this? I am amazed. Here is my predicament... do I teach her to stand up for her beliefs? Or do I teach her that sometimes we keep our mouths shut if our response is going to be taken not so well? I have always been bothered by the lack of diversity in her school... but come on! Any ideas? I did tell her that as Christians we probably shouldn't listen to some of the hip hop music... but by no means was our ethnicity involved! AUGH......

Ok... I think that is all the news... at least all that I can remember... I did buy a palm pilot and my organization ability has been much better. Now... if I can only figure out how to check my email with it like it says I can!

Hope all is well with ya'll... I have a lot of reading to do! Jessica

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Ok... this is my second week on the job... and the second week in a row that my family has not had a single vegetable while under my watch. I really think someone ought to call CPS... Look at the things we have eaten this week for dinner...

Monday: Ate at TaMollys (tacos and burritos for the kids...)
Tuesday: Ramon Noodles (ewww... I ate oatmeal)
Wednesday: Pancakes (no meat, no veggies, just flour and water)
Thursday: Sausage hotdogs (sausage on a bun with potato chips)

What in the world? I am soooo tired by the time I get home I do not have the energy to think about food much less cook. We bought stuff that we could throw in the crock pot when we went to the grocery story... but someone forgot to tell me how difficult it would be to actually throw it into the crock pot before walking out the door at 7am.

How in the world do ya'll do it? How do you cook nutritious, delicious meals that the entire family will eat?


Monday, September 04, 2006

Bookish Meme...

Ok... flip flop mamma tagged me... this one is a weird one...

Grab the book closest to you
Open to page 123
Scroll down to the 5th sentence
Post the text of next 3 sentences on your blog
Name of the book and the author
Tag 3 people

Goodness is active. As we learned in the preceding chaper, kindness means planning to do something good for others. And now goodness moves into total action. God in us and His presence with us produces His goodness in us.

A Woman's Walk With God: Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit Elizabeth George

Tag... your it... Holly, Liz, Roxanne....

And by the way... why are they called meme's? Anyone got an answer for that?


Saturday, September 02, 2006

AIn't life fuN!!!!!

What a week it has been! Thanks for all of the advice about ways to keep my memory functioning... I have started to use my outlook and will get a pda to synchronize and carry around with me... and I will be using billpay from the bank to help out as well. Maybe all of this will help... it better!

This week has been full of happenings that I haven't had a chance to share with ya'll yet... so here goes!

Monday I went to a free lunch at school... again SALAD... why do they powers that be think that every adult likes to eat salad? There are some 30 yr olds who barely eat green beans much less salad... I am thinking that I am going to have to grow to love salads if I want free food! I should note that when they say free what they really mean is that they are going to feed you while you sit and listen to the many different things they want you to do, be involved in, or give to.

On Wednesday night, I was cleaning out Robert's truck and the puppy went between my legs and (I thought) under the truck. I closed the door and went inside... no big deal. Thursday morning Robert went outside to take the girls to the bus and all of a sudden I heard "JESSSICAAAA" in a not very nice tone! I ran as quickly as my 5 inch adorable yet not functional wedge shoes would take me to the back door and guess what I saw. The puppy had not gone under the truck... instead she had jumped into the truck. She did look awfully cute standing on the dash, tongue out, wagging her tail. She did piddle on the dash and on one of my text books... but not in the seat or on anything important!

Last night I went to the mall to see a movie with a friend. We saw You, Me, and Dupree... which was very difficult to watch knowing that Kate Hudson had left her husband for Owen Wilson... or something like that! It was funny... and yet very stupid... Before the movie I sat outside waiting for my friend to show up... as I waited there were at least 30 kids dropped off who had to be 6th grade and below... WHAT IN THE WORLD? Last year, a police officer was assaulted by a mob of teenage girls... you would think the mall would make some rules about an age limit to be unsupervised at the mall! After the movie, my friend and I were standing outside talking while she smoked her cigarette and these kids walked by complaining very loudly about the smoke... mind you we were standing in front of my truck... no where near the isle and not in anyone's space. After that the kids walked over to Windy's black trans am and started touching and looking in the windows. Windy hit her key fob button to make the lights come on... the kids realized who did it and started talking smack. What in the world? Windy didn't say anything about her car, she just hit the button to make them realize they were being watched... when did it become ok for kids to behave in such a way? We jokingly laughed about how we must be too old to go to the mall on a weekend but come on... why can't parents just be responsible for their kids?

OK... I think I have exhausted my happenings for the week... I hope all is well for everyone... I am going to try and catch up on my reading today!!!!

(I tried to download pics of my shoes and the puppy but blogger is smokin' crack agaiN!)