Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Not going to be a long post... 

Found a gray hair this morning... this is not ok... 

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I'm sitting on the FSU campus waiting for Keith and Staci to finish
practicing and I'm amazed by the trees around me! The Spanish moss is

Monday, April 06, 2009

Is it ever going to settle down???

As is my pattern lately, here is my weekly update! Here is a picture of my one eyed dog... I love my Yogi and I'm glad that he is doing well. He went to work with me all of last week, but I left him home this morning... it was hard! 

I went to a church retreat this weekend that was pretty amazing. For those of you from Abilene, you probably know Dana Mayhall... Dana is an amazing woman of God as is her sister Denise, and the two of them led the retreat! It was about the dance of life with God as your partner. It was amazing... stepped on my toes a little, because I have hijacked the lead from God a few times... but it was much needed! I got to see friends that I have missed and overall it was pretty good! 

On Sunday, I went to the Easter Pageant that Pioneer Drive Baptist Church does every year! It was amazing as always, but my grandpa brought his girlfriend. This was the first time that I met this woman and he's been dating her for about 3 months.... mind you, grandma died end of October last year! Anyway, I cried more from seeing him hold her hand and have his arm around her than I did for the Easter Pageant. I even cried on the way home over it! Then to make matters worse, I was talking to Mom last night and she informed me that Gpa is probably getting married in September! I have already had my meltdown, so I'm better now, but it was alot to take in. I did have a friend give me a 'you're being a brat' lecture last night and he was right... I am being a brat... but Gma and Gpa together is all I have ever known and I'm not really ready to see Gpa happy with someone else. Anyway... lots of thoughts to process there... and I will get used to the idea eventually! Grr! 

Only four days til I leave for Florida... I think I'm going to need this vacation more than anyone knows..