Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I survived!

Well, I survived the weekend! Homecoming was fun and the girls got to spend lots of time at TP village! I learned how to set up a TP (did I mention it is HARD), and I learned that I can survive on 4 hrs sleep still! I watched bonfires and cookouts and I prayed the entire time that no one would get hurt while setting their own campfires! I watched students make complete idiots of themselves and prayed they didn't get caught! I cheered for a fb team that just can't seem to win, and watched my students leave the field with their heads down. I took down a TP (25 ft poles are quite difficult to manuever) and put it away for next year. It was a lot of fun, but I am pretty sure I have not been soooo tired in a long time! The weekend made me realize that I am not as young as I used to be! HA! Oh well... I have pictures, but those will have to wait for another day!

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Friday!!!!

It's 8:27 and my children and I are all in our pj's watchin' tv! I am off today and my children are taking a "mental health day!" We all need one occasionally, right? Our plans for today include TP village, High School Musical 3 and flu shots! Yippee!

The girls LOOOOVVVVEEEE TP village and since my students are all running the TP's, the girls get to run around in and out of the TP's. Last night, they helped start fires (let's just say the mommy me was stressing out a little) and got to be up close and personal when my AYA girls put up their TP. (Putting up a TP is WAAAAYYYY more difficult than I would've thought! Those poles are HEAVY and everything has to be just so!)

Anyway, the TPs will be up today and tomorrow if you care to stop in for a little visit! =) Now... off to shower and start our day of playin hookie!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, I survived Monday! And tonight, I rewarded myself with a little GNO at the paint your own pottery place! I painted a cross and a pencil holder... I'll post a pic next week! Tomorrow I get to sleep late... I'm soooooo excited.... Kali has reached that 'need to go to the dr place' and the only appt was for 9:30 am. That means that I get to sleep til like 8am in the morn! Yippeee!!!! You know, it is the little things in life sometimes...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Catching up...

The only image I can think of to describe my current life is the cat my brother threw in the pool when we were kids... it was soaking wet and doing everything that it could to keep it's head up! Pretty image, huh? I could go on... like when I tried to help the cat it clawed my arm and made me cry.... etc.

I should probably never post on Mondays... Mondays are my busiest day. I hit the ground runnin' in the morning and I literally don't stop until 11pm tonight. By 11pm, I will have been at home for all of 30 min today and only seen my kids when I got them up from bed and when I ran home between babysitters. On Mondays, I teach 4 classes and see about 100 students! This morning, I found myself singing "I hate Mondays" to the tune of "I want Candy" as I pulled into Sonic for my breakfast burrito and diet coke! Maybe I'll create the rest of the song as the semester goes along! ha! Monday's are soooo bad that when Kali woke up with lime green snot this morning, I told her she wasn't allowed to be sick on Monday... she had to wait until Tuesday because neither her father or I could take her to see the dr today! Now, isn't that awful?? (She wasn't really sick enough for the dr, yet.... otherwise I would have done the good mommy thing and stayed home!)

In lite of all I just wrote, I am going to try to come up with some positives from my day thus far...
1. They turned off the air in my building and my office is no longer 50 degrees.
2. I got to teach my fave essay in Engl today... "I want a wife"
3. When Monday is over Tuesday starts and I get to go to my fave Bible Study over Ephesians with my preacher's wife.
4. Only 6 more hours until my day is done....

Monday, October 13, 2008


My mind is swirling with the many things I would like to say, but I'm have quite the time focusing in on one theme... another words, sorry if this lacks focus!

Our weekend was packed full of birthday activities, football games and a trip to the minor emerg clinic. Long story short, there was an altercation at my house with Kali running full force into Megan to 'shove' her out of the way and Megan not budging. (This is where I point out that Megan's hands did not touch Kali in any way and Megs wants everyone to know this!) Kali hit the ground with quite a force, landing on her wrist. She had a cup in her hand that she was trying not to spill, so she landed 'funny.' She cried, the wrist swelled, the dr said go to minor emerg. So... we did. The wrist was not broken, just a bad sprain, but let me tell you how much fun a 7 yr old is when their hand is sweating under a wrap... ugh! Needless to say I am a little annoyed about it all, thus the trip to the alter yesterday...

I realize that children fight. I fought with my brothers. My friend's kids fight with each other. My students tell me stories of still fighting with their siblings. BUTTTTTTT, that doesn't make it right. I have tried to explain the importance of being nice to each other and how one day they will love each other, but IT'S NOT WORKING. To make matters worse, Megs weighs exactly twice as much as Kali, so if I were to let them fight it out, I imagine Megs would crush Kali. Their expressive capabilities are not helping the matter either. Megs is really good at putting words together... in fact, she is quite proficient at saying things that she knows will upset Kali. She is also good at just standing still in such a way that she can't actually be blamed for hurting Kali. Kali, on the other hand, is not so good with words and never has been. When she is angry, her first instinct is to pound on her sister. So... how am I supposed to handle this??? What happens next time Kali takes a running lead and her sister just STANDS THERE and Kali breaks something??? Who should be in trouble??? Megan for standing in front of the car so Kali couldn't get in seat? Kali for shoving her sister? Megan for bucking up and causing Kali to fall????

AUUUGGGHHHH... calgon take me away! I am praying for wisdom and attempting to see if there are behaviors within the house that I need to be more aware of, but I am pretty much at my wits end with it all. Can I just send them to their room everyday and not deal with it????

Friday, October 10, 2008


This morning, at 7:29 to be exact, Megan Renee' turned 11 yrs old! 11 Years Old!! Holy cow! I'm not sure I can handle this! Before my eyes, she is changing from the little girl that played in the dirt and thought boys were smelly into a young lady who cares what she wears, spends entirely too much time in the bathroom, and thinks boys with lots of hair are cute. (Dont' tell her daddy!)

I have sat here for quite a time trying to come up with words to describe her, but it is quite difficult. She is just like every other child in the world that hates to clean, doesn't like her sister, and has begun to role her eyes! But she is soooo different than most in that she cares... truly cares... about other people and making sure everyone feels welcome. She is very much a rule follower and worries about those who aren't following the rules. She loves the Lord and wants everyone around her to do the same!

Ok... compt is dying.... will try to think of more later...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Home sweet home...

Ok, I am exhausted, but I am home. Grandma's surgery was yesterday morning and she did wonderfully. We all prayed over her before her surgery (even the dr's and nurses). The surgery took about 3 hrs, and the dr's were amazed that she did so well. Her color was good after the surgery, but there is nothing fun about watching your grandmother on a ventilator. I was set to come home yesterday after the surgery, but I got lost on the way home and decided to just turn around and stay the night... I'm glad I did stay, though, because this morning Gma was sitting in her chair eating her breakfast when we got to the hospital. She had tubes and wires everywhere, but she looked good and was talking again. The prognosis looks good, but prayers are still asked for, because anything could happen at this point.

A few observations from this weekend:
1. My family (my uncles specifically) really is/are crazy and you should never talk about politics when sitting in the waiting room.
2. Sitting in the room with your biological mom and your adopted mom can be quite awkward at times.
3. Lubbock is the WORST town for directionally challenged people. I have never gotten lost so much in my entire life!
4. If I ever need heart surgery I am going to the Lubbock Heart Hospital... that place was AWESOME! (Well, except for the fact that there was no Internet access!)
5. I am dropping SPANISH class tomorrow, because of the previously mentioned lack of Internet and the fact that I am language acquisition retarded!

Friday, October 03, 2008


They postponed my grandmas surgery until Saturday because she crashed twice yesterday after her angiogram. She was upbeat today and I enjoyed spending today with her. I am off to eat dinner and do a little shopping (what is a trip out of town without a little shopping???). The surgery is scheduled for 7am... so keep the prayers going!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I type this blog as tears stream down my face... my grandmother is having open heart surgery tomorrow... Thursday... in Lubbock. I am driving down in the morning with my dad. My grandmother is convinced she is going to die on the table, so please keep her and my family in your prayers. Grandma isn't that old as far as grandma's go, but her health isn't at it's best. The surgeon doesn't seemed worried, just grandma. Anyway, she has said her goodbyes 'just in case' and there have been lots of tears! I've been stressed out just because I didn't think I had the time to drive to Lubbock on a Thursday, but really, what option do I have? I mean, what kind of granddaughter would I be if I stayed home instead of seeing her off into the operating room? Anyway, keep all of us in your prayers... I'm not ready to lose my grandma and my mom isn't ready to loose her mom! Pray that grandma survives the double bypass and valve replacement and heals quickly (she's also a very whiny patient)!

Anyway... I'll let you know how it goes!