Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm tired...

Ok, this is going to be one of those posts... you know, the ones you don't want to post but you know you will feel better if your friends tell you they love you???

Ok, here goes! I'M TIRED! I'm tired of friends who are too busy. I'm tired of husbands that won't mow the yard. I'm tired of children who refuse to participate in the daily care of the household. I'm tired of messy/cluttered houses and laundry that needs to be done. I'm tired of worrying about money. I'm tired of not having clothes because of weight loss, and not having the money to go buy new ones. I'm tired of my office feeling like the meat freezer at the grocery store. I'm tired of unmotivated students. I'm tired of husbands who are stressed about school and are taking it out on me. I'm tired of rude people and people you can't trust. I think I could go on all day, but the one tired that probably sticks out the most to me is that I'm tired of always screwing things up no matter how much I am trying not to and am quite thankful that my God is a graceful God... otherwise, there is nooooo way that I survive.

On that note... I think I'm going to pick my children up from school and lay on the couch for an hour with my eyes closed and a blanket over my head. Maybe if they don't see me they will forget I'm there????

Ok... so I came home to hide away under my covers and feel sorry for myself, and in the mailbox was a flyer from Women of Faith. I looked through it and put it on the bookshelf. I then looked down and saw the bible studies that I purchased while at the conference. I picked up the first one... "Resting in Him: I need to slow down but I can't!" Since reading a Bible study requires no movement, I picked it up along with my Bible and plopped down to rest. Here are a little of what touched my soul...

47% of people say they are concerned with the level of stress in their life

Sometime the stress of life can manifest itself in our attitudes and responses to daily life. (ouch)
God desires to restore you. Your level of exhaustion and need for rest will never match God's desire to give you rest.

Mark 1:21-34 In this passage, Jesus taught crowds, cast out demons, went for a home visit w/some healing, went back to town and cast out more demons and performed more healing acts.

Mark 1:35 says that Jesus went to a quiet place and prayed.

I guess the point of it all is that even Jesus had a lot on His plate and instead of taking it out on the world around Him (like we so often do) He went to a solitary place and was alone with God in prayer. Hmmm.... sounds like a good idea, huh? Amazing how instead of calling out to the Lord in prayer I just simply get frustrated and want to crawl under a rock. This definitely gave me something to think about. I'm still not going to do the dishes or mop the floor, but perhaps it influence the words that come out of my mouth this evening.


Amy said...

Thanks for this post. I am definately in a slump myself right now and needed to hear it also! Sure have missed you around the blog. Glad to see a new post. Remember, your blog can be theraputic...even if I don't know how to spell it!!:)

Shelley said...

thanks for sharing your heart. we all feel like that sometimes. thanks for reminding us to visit with God about it instead of "handling" it all ourselves.