Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Friday!!!!

It's 8:27 and my children and I are all in our pj's watchin' tv! I am off today and my children are taking a "mental health day!" We all need one occasionally, right? Our plans for today include TP village, High School Musical 3 and flu shots! Yippee!

The girls LOOOOVVVVEEEE TP village and since my students are all running the TP's, the girls get to run around in and out of the TP's. Last night, they helped start fires (let's just say the mommy me was stressing out a little) and got to be up close and personal when my AYA girls put up their TP. (Putting up a TP is WAAAAYYYY more difficult than I would've thought! Those poles are HEAVY and everything has to be just so!)

Anyway, the TPs will be up today and tomorrow if you care to stop in for a little visit! =) Now... off to shower and start our day of playin hookie!

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