Monday, March 30, 2009

My life...

Ok, this is going to be one of those utterly bitchy posts... I can't help myself.. I have to get it out and that was the original point of this blog. This has probably been one of the worst days of my life... at least top 10! 

On Saturday, Kali went to a skating party and fell down. She landed on her wrist and since it was Robert's weekend, he dealt with it... you know, put ice, gave advil... etc. etc. Well, she came home last night and the swelling was pretty bad, so I decided we would go to the dr today! 

Now to this morning... we wake up at 7:30 because I forgot to set my alarm. Then I hear Megs yell from the other room that there is something wrong with Yogi's eye. Being in a hurry, I totally forgot that she said something was wrong. :( Then, we are almost ready to go and I look at Yogi... his eye was protruding from it's socket! PROTRUDING FROM THE SOCKET! I totally lost it... called Robert to be told it wasn't his problem anymore... in fact he suggested the 22 in the closet. I finally got it together enough to get dressed and take him to the vet, and the vet says he will be fine... he will just be the one eyed yogi! 

So after leaving Yogi at the vet, I ran by Dr. Martin's office and they wrote the x-ray request. I get to the x-ray place and the woman looks at me like I'm scary (which made me realize that I looked like crap... my hair was a little madusa like in a headband, no make-up on except for the mascara that was streaming down my streaks and Kali hadn't  brushed her hair)! Anyway, then she tells me that the fall might not be covered because it didn't happen at the house... apparently skating is dangerous! Grr! 

The x-ray went smoothly, and although it was broken no cast was necessary! The dr sent us on our way in search of a wrist brace that immobilizes it! Easier said than done.. took alllll afternoon to find that! Finally ended up at the medical supply store! 

Anyway, needless to say... this day has been long! My head hurts... my brain isn't working correctly... Kali is whining about the brace... the dog is still at the vet... and all I really want to do is go back to bed... but instead I get to go teach a class! 

Ok... complaints done... now to put on my happy pants!!! Or to at least try... 

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