Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Friends

I mentioned to a new-ish friend that I have a blog. She asked where it was and I told her. I also mentioned that I am not the same person that I was when I started my blog so long ago. Which leads me to the question... what does one do with old blog posts? I mean, for some, a blog is a journey through time that enables you to go back and see where you've been. For me, the where I've been, isn't really anything I need to be reminded of. No really... it's not. I do not want to think of how I struggled as a person in a toxic marriage. I do not want to look back and remember my struggle with ridiculously conservative doctrines that told me that I had to change in order to fit in. My friend told me that reading my posts helped her work through some of her own struggles, so I guess the posts will stay where they are. But... if you are new to this blog, please know that if I were to run across this blog and read the earlier posts... I wouldn't have liked me. I am not that person anymore. Well most of me isn't... 

I still believe in love. I still believe things happen for a reason. I still believe that I am stronger, because of the shit I've been through. 

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