Monday, February 05, 2007

Dance Lessons

The city of Abilene has a great recreation program... they offer tons of educational classes, kids classes, and dance lessons. I have wanted to take dance lessons for about 2 years... and even though there is all this drama... Robert and I decided that we would take lessons with a few couples from church. They have been a blast! Best $41 we have ever spent.

Tonight we learned to jitterbug... last week, the waltz... and the week before, the two-step! My arms are a little sore, but it was sooooo much fun to twirl around the dance floor. It is nice to have one evening of fun... not to mention exercise... a time to forget the drama... and just enjoy the company!

If you live in Abilene, you should take the next round of classes... all ages of people take the lessons... at all skill levels... check 'em out!


Rebecca said...

If only I had just a little talent. . . not much, just a little. . . I might actually be able to enjoy that. As it is, it's painful for me to even think of anyone watching me try to dance! And my husband is WORSE. :)

Melissa said...

Dance lessons sound like fun and good excercise - maybe that's what Brad and I should try to get me motivated to excercise!! It has to be a LOT more fun than going to some old boring, stinky gym!