Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stopped up...

Seriously tired of this not functioning system of mine... I have taken more medication and eaten some pretty weird things in effort to clean things out... I mean I'm going on 6 days with little to no action! TMI, I know, but I'm pretty miserable! Any remedies for my dilemma???

I'm doing good about sitting around, however, I'm not quite certain I can handle 6 weeks of it! I think it would be easier if I had an external incision that hurt to remind me that I'm crippled! Oh well... my friends are doing a pretty awesome job of making sure I don't do anything I'm not supposed to be!

Spring break is next week... if you have nothing better to do, come sit on the couch with me and hang out!


Anne said...

When I am 'bound up' as my grandpa used to say, I always lay on my left side. It works like a charm!

jessica said...

Update on the stopped up post... apparently pizza hut is the key to clearing a blockage! YEAH!!!!!