Monday, March 10, 2008

Too much...

I had to go teach my CJC class tonight because they have the next two weeks off... and I can definitely tell that it was entirely too much on my poor body. I am exhausted! All I did was get dressed, hitch a ride to CJC, and sit there for 2 hrs listening to speeches, but apparently sitting is not something that comes easy after the big H. I guess I have learned my lesson and will spend the next few days sitting on my behind on the couch... or my friends couch since my hubs won't let me stay home by myself due to his distrust of my ability to not do chores!

The girls start softball practice tomorrow... they both seem excited about it... which is a change over a few weeks ago! I'm hoping the experience is good... meaning that hopefully they have some skills and it isn't just miserable for them! I would hate for them to be the only kids who can't hit the ball or something awful like that!

Ok... I'm having a hard time time or making sense... I guess the pain pill is working... nite nite!

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