Thursday, May 29, 2008

Austin, TX

I think I'm a nerd! I know this might be news to some of you, but I am just realizing it! My colleague/friend and I are at a UT Writing/Communicating Across the Curriculum Conference in Austin... and we are soooo having fun! This morning we learned about using technology in the classroom and we were taking notes like crazy. This afternoon we get to learn about assessment and rubric designs... and I am soooo looking forward to it! Seriously... I'm not being sarcastic!

Well, looking around the room, I may not be quite the nerd that I was thinking... my friend and I are actually wearing trendy clothes with shoes that match... unlike most of the people in here! I think the peeps from "What not to wear" should come to one of these things and show the academic world that cute clothes can be comfortable and that matching is impt! I mean, how distracting for some students if their prof doesn't match...

Ok, maybe I'm half-nerd, half-snot! heehee!

We finally moved all of our stuff into the new house... more on that later!

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