Saturday, May 03, 2008

Prayers Please

Edit: The doctor came in and she really thinks that was Kenzie has is a head cold. Yes, there was fluid around her heart and lungs, but she wouldn't call it enough to be failure. They put her on Lasix to flush out the fluid and have Ashley scheduled for an appt on the 22nd with a dr who comes to Abilene to make some decisions. Kenzie has two holes in her heart and a valve that is jacked up, but again, the dr doesn't think that surgery is necessary right this second! So... as soon as Kenzie shows us she can eat every 3 hours we get to go home! Keep them in your prayers... we have a long road ahead of us medically with both her and her big sister Alyssa!

I am sitting at Cook's Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth right now with my little brother, his girlfriend and their almost four month old daughter Mackenzie who is in heart failure. We have known since she was born that there was an issue with her heart, but the dr's have been waiting until she gets older to do something about it. We are currently waiting for the heart dr to come in... and I'll post again when she does... but please start praying... here's what we need...

1. Pray for Kenzie... she's got a long road ahead of her! She was born with a chromosomal issue that we aren't really sure of in terms of long-term expectations (same issue her big sister Alyssa has) and the fluid surrounding her heart and in her lungs is only part of the issue.

2. Pray for Matt and Ashley. They have two children together, both special needs, and then they each have a child from a previously relationship. They have a lot of baggage and I got to listen to them bicker and fight for 2 hrs in the ER last night over everything from Ashley's mom to Matt's refusal to disclose how much money he has in the bank. I left the hospital last night thinking, how in the world are these two going to get married and make it work.

3. Pray for me. I got about 5 hrs sleep last night and my patience level with my rude little brother has about come to an end. He's just quite rude to Ashley and I am annoyed by it. Also, I forgot to refill the Prozac before I left town... so exhaustion and lack of Prozac are probably a bad combination... which will result in me saying what I think instead of what I should say!

Anyway, I'll post again when I have an idea of what's going to happen next!

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