Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching up on TV missed...

During the month of season finales we were moving, so I DVRed them and am just now finding the time to watch them! Anyone else become frustrated by the Desperate Housewives finale??? What in the world? Where was Mike??? Now I'm watching Grey's Anatomy and am yelling at the TV... get the poor boy out of the cement... stupid parents, let the kids love each other... Alex, how can you be so stupid??? Anyway, I think I'm a little too invested in my television shows that I watch!

I am feeling a little better about life (or at least better than I was yesterday). I think it is amazing how Satan will use the weaknesses we all have to get into our lives... into our heads... kind of sucks. And from reading blogs of other's that I know, I know that Satan is really messing around in big ways in other people's lives. So I lift myself and all my friends up to you Lord, I pray for your protection and your will.

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Brandi said...

I used to watch those shows, until my granddaughter moved in with me. Now we watch her shows and the funny thing is, we don't miss that other stuff at all!

Satan does try hard to take over our lives, but I think sometimes when we step back and yell "Calgone, Take me away" is really "Dear gracious Lord, please get me through this." But aren't we glad he is always there for us?