Monday, January 12, 2009

First Day of Classes...

Today is the first day of classes for the Spring semester! WOoHoo! One of the things that I love about teaching college is that I get to start over every semester! These new students don't know anything about me, so I could totally recreate myself! (Wait... they only know what their friends have told them...) Anyway, I'm too lazy to recreate myself each semester, but it did get me to wishing I could call 'do over' in real life! I mean, I have my moments, we all do, where I have done something insensitive and hurt someone I care about, or done something that I know is going to haunt me later in ways that I couldn't have guessed! I am struggling right now with the loss of a friendship. We both screwed up, but for me the loss is always a little bit harder because of my upbringing. I wish I had a 'do over' but that would erase my stupid actions over the last semester and make things all better! But... there are no 'do overs' and I will learn from my actions and move on... but it still sucks!

BTW, this grown up time schedule thing is killing me! It is noon and I want a nap so bad I can't stand it!

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