Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I am suffering from that green eyed monster called jealousy right now...No, I'm not jealous over new cars or nice houses, I am jealous over my friend's peaceful mornings! No matter how hard I try, I simply cannot seem to run a peaceful, loving, caring house in the morning! Instead, I get a 10 yr old that has to be told 5000 times to put her shoes on and never gets bkfst & a 13 yr old that spends more time yelling & criticizing others than she does getting ready in the morning! I'm sure that if I were more 'hands on' in the morning it would help... but I refuse to dress the 10 yr old as she requests every morning!

What makes this even worse, is that mornings now are 10 times better than they were pre-Jasen...I mean he gets up & helps w/the girls (and brings me coffee), as opposed to my past who slept thru it all! And before I get 1000 bits of advice that are supp to make it all easier...we've tried getting Kali to pick out her clothes the night before...that really only helps if I were to just let her sleep in them! As for the yelling one, I guess when one if filled with anxiety about the terror of 7th grade, one can only be cranky! She's been given notice that children who yell at their parents walk to school, so maybe that'll make her reconsider her attitude!

Sigh... Will this ever get easier?!

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