Wednesday, January 16, 2013

R3ligious Philosophy

Had a student ask me my religious philosophy today & I had to stop & think about it for a sec. What is my philosophy?! I told him I'd get back to him, because 'don't be an asshole' didn't seem like an appropriate response, but after thinking about it all afternoon, I'm almost certain it is how I feel.

Let me explain... I spent a good portion of my life in churches of two very popular denominations being taught things that I just don't feel within myself are correct. I believe in music & it's ability to touch the soul. I believe STRONGLY that women can be called into ministry. And just like the views on interracial relationships has changed over the years, I think the view on homosexuality will too. I don't want our government passing laws based upon ANYONE'S religion & I'm very bothered by the amount of laws that seems to be because of religious influence (I mean, because buying beer at the grocery store AFTER church is so much more righteous than the person trying to buy beer at 10am)! I could probably write a novel about what else I believe that is different than what I was raised believing, but those are the high spots.

So. Back to my philosophy... Don't be an asshole pretty much covers it for me! Don't tell my daughters they are limited in serving God, because they are female! Don't tell them that they can't use their God-given musical talent, because God wouldn't appreciate it. Don't tell my child's friend that is struggling with sexuality that God didn't make him that way & we can pray away those desires & worsen a struggle that you can't possibly understand. Don't tell the wife in an abusive relationship that if she were a more Godly wife, her husband wouldn't act that way. My list could go on, but I think you get it.

Instead of all of the things listed & more here are some things we should be doing. LOVE ONE ANOTHER! I mean it is the greatest commandment, right?

Ok...enough ranting...

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Nicole said...

I'm reading Evolving in Monkey Town & really liking it... Might be of interest

Jessica said...

I'll have to check it out! A different student asked how I thought God felt about pot & I said 'we'll it is natural'...but that comes back to bite me!