Sunday, April 27, 2014


Have you ever scrolled through social media & thought 'that person has clearly lost it' & then kept scrolling?

I saw a post this morning that made me question someone's mental state. But did I message them & check on them? Well, no of course not.... I don't have time to deal w/their crazy. Did I message their spouse & ask if they were ok? Well no, it's just really not my business.

Mental illness isn't a joke. It also isn't something to be ignored. So why don't we check on the metal health status of our friends? Why don't we say 'hey, you seem to be in a funk lately' to someone that's clearly not acting like themselves?!

Who's responsibility is mental illness? If your friends & family aren't willing to address your crazy, who's responsibility is it? The person who's obviously losing it? Yeah, because that's going to happen!

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