Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing... ugh! I feel like I'm running around with my head cut off. I'm having some serious memory issues and it is driving me batty. Yesterday, I walked into my bedroom to get something, but for the life of me I couldn't remember what it was when I got there. I still don't remember. I don't like this. I'm usually pretty on top of things, but this lack of memory is making me forget things that are pretty important. A couple of weeks ago I told the kids I would bring them lunch and I FORGOT! Who forgets to feed their kids? Anyway, if you know any magical memory improvers, let me know! I asked my dr about it and he suggested it was stress... but for the first half of the summer all I did was lay at the pool! Who knows!

If it really is stress in some form I really do not see an improvement in the future. I mean, we have a lot going on. Next Wednesday we are going to Six Flags... Next Friday we are going to Austin for a wedding. The girls are going to be adorable in their poofy little dresses, however, they may be barefoot since I am having much difficulty finding Ivory/Bone colored dress shoes to go with their dresses. Kali's foot is too narrow and Megan wears a 7 1/2 in women's which means anything I could find has heals! It doesn't help that I have actually NO DESIRE to actually go to the store with my precious angels to hunt for shoes! UGH! Shopping with a 6 yr old and a 9 yr old isn't usually fun and stress free! Anyone want to volunteer to find the shoes for me?

Ok... I guess I should stop procrastinating and go get ready for the day. I know I have lots to get done, but all I really want to do is go lay at the pool! Maybe I can fit that in at some point!


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