Monday, July 09, 2007

Second Life

One of the other instructors just informed me that CJC is going to be teaching/offering courses on Second Life...huh? I know that this generation is compt minded, but come on... why is there a need for a virtual reality class??? Very interesting!!!!!

I started teaching classes today.... yippee... (do you hear the sarcasm?) I really am trying to be excited, but I think I'm getting cynical in my old age. I walked into my 9am class and there were 6 of the 9 students there. About 20 min later another student wandered in. Who comes late to the first day of class? Or better yet, who skips the first day of class? Hmmm....

This is the first semester I have taught a Julymester (which is a complete course in 3 wks). It should be interesting to see how many kids actually make it through. I mean, 3 speeches, 3 outlines, exams, etc all shoved into a 12 day time period! I'm pretty sure that the slacker in my would have NEVER signed up for a class like that! hahahaha!

I am impressed that CJC has finally gone wireless... that means I can sit in the lobby and read blogs etc in my breaktimes! :)


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Shelley said...

Hey... Glad your school has gone wireless. That means we expect regular blogs!!! I love being able to hear about your life and watch Meg and Kali grow. Take care.