Thursday, August 09, 2007

17 days...

I realized last night the school is less than three weeks away. It is a little frightening to see how much life is about to change. Not only are the girls going into grades that will require much more effort, but I completed all of Robert's financial aid paperwork last night and he will be starting at MCM. We think he is going to be a math teacher. He was always really good at math and because of the new laws requiring math for all four years of high school there is definitely a need. I do find it comical that one of the deciding facts for Rt about what he was going to major in was the idea that he would have summers off. He forgot to ask how I felt about him having summers off! haha! He better develop a love for the pool.

Well, I'm off to work on my presentation. All of my paperwork is due by 3 tomorrow and I would like to have it done tonight. Keep your fingers crossed!


Looney Mom said...

So sorry that I've not been around lately but it seems that things are going well. I caught up on some of your previous posts: cute little dog - funny that he's scared of your daughter. Poor thing. And those cute wedding pics - like little princesses!!

Life has me spinning in circles these days. I hope to slow down soon once I get into a nice routine!

Anonymous said...

That's great that Rt is going to school!! Your kids have 3 weeks til school starts?? Everyone around here has already started!