Monday, August 06, 2007


Last night the girls and Rt were watching Rt's fave movie "Oh brother where art thou?" and the next thing I know he is rewinding it and they are all trying to recreate the dance moves! It was quite comical, and I wish I had a video camera... that would've been a great 'first date' movie to have on! haha!

I got home about 9:30 tonight and there's this HUGE raccoon eating the cat food. I have been complaining for a while that something has been eating the food every night... guess I figured out what it is! I'm surprised the cats let the coon get away with it... Rt thinks they are scared... but my male cat is kind-of mean. Maybe he knows what battle to pic. Anyone know how to get rid of a coon?

I have a 4 hr presentation due on Wednesday at 10am... I haven't started yet! Guess I should get on that, huh?


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