Monday, August 27, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

I'm sorry I haven't been posting... things have been CRAZY around here. I'll try to catch you up without too much whining!

* My presentation went well. I filled up my 4 hrs and everyone seemed to find the information helpful.
* The following week (last week) was filled with going back to school faculty meetings. Those were loads of fun. I really don't understand how people can enjoy spending 4 hrs analyzing a document.
*I'm allergic to the sweet little dog we have... Yogi... I have been full of snot (nice image there) since we got Yogi and today ended in the dr office. The dr gave me antibiotics and some nice cough medicine with Codeine. :) Apparently what started with allergies ended with a sinus infection. Is it bad to want to keep a dog even if it is making me sick? Hmm...
* The kids enjoyed their first day of school. I was a tad scared for Megs because her teacher frightened me with her drill sargent nature... but Megs really seems to like her. Megan's team teacher is my elementary PE teacher... that was a blast from the past. Kali enjoyed school but was quite concerned that her teacher made her use her right hand to write. Kali is a leftie... uh oh. I asked her a bunch of questions and what I think happened is that the teacher said something about writing and she thought she meant 'right.'
*Robert had his first college class today. I think he is feeling quite overwhelmed, but I'm sure he will do fine. It will just take a lot of patience on my part. He gets a little snappy when he is overwhelmed.
*We noticed about a month ago that Rt has a spot on the back of his head where all the hair has fallen out. We think it is stress related alopecia... any ideas what you do about that?

Ok, I think that gets it all... I'll try not to take so long to post again!

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Looney Mom said...

Well, I think everyone's just very busy these days. This is one of those hectic times of year with school and all. I feel so overwhelmed right now too. I've not been blogging much either. We'll find our groove soon!