Thursday, December 06, 2007

Busy, Busy

We have reached the point in the semester where I begin to question whether I need to be admitted to the place with the padded walls! It is the last week of classes with finals next week! My desk is completely covered with work that needs to be graded, my voicemail and email are full of messages from students explaining why it is that they haven't gotten their work done, the kids are mad because I haven't put the Christmas tree up yet, and my husband is irritated because he is feeling neglected! AUGH! At least I know that this feeling is temporary!

Ashley went to the dr... her due date is January 19th.... and she is dilated to a one. The doctor doesn't seem too concerned that she has gone 8 1/2 mths without prenatal care, which concerns me and everyone else, but who are we, I guess. Her sonogram is December 19th, but if you could see her you would question (like me) if she's even going to make it to that appt. Keep praying for my brother and his girlfriend... I can't imagine how difficult life is going to be with four children under the age of 5 and one with severe disabilities. Matt did say he and Ash were going to get married... so I guess that is a step in the right direction.

Our Sunday School Christmas party is Saturday night... it is at the Country Club. I'm not overly joyed about the 50$ that it is going to cost to eat there, but I'm hoping that the food is great and we enjoy it. Any ideas about what to wear to the country club??? I mean, my preference is always blue jeans but for some reason I get the impression that is not appropriate attire! Guess I need to go buy a dress! Shucks...

Our church Christmas program is Sunday night... if your bored and need something to do! :) The children's choir is singing (as in both of my children) and I have a solo! I love that I'm in a church where I can use the talents that God gave me!

Ok... I guess that about does it. My goal for this weekend is to put the tree up, but first I have to get the house clean! Wish me luck...

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Shelley said...

GOOD LUCK!! If it were the Hamilton Country Club you could SO wear those jeans, but since it is not, I would go for a dress or nice pants with sweater :) Have fun!! I love Christmas parties and cant wait for the four we have next week. I really could use some new outfits for them though! Take care... and sing your heart out!! You are so talented :)