Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Truth

It has been very interesting watching all of the news coverage regarding the football player that was murdered last week. My students and I were discussing it today, and many of them were of the opinion that the guy lived a lifestyle that was not safe and therefore bad things happened to him. I just opened MSN and there was this very interesting article addressing how black men are being murdered by other black men and what to do about it. It specifically addresses the NFL player, but I think it can be spread throughout. I can't wait to get to school and see what my students think. This won't be the first time we have had this conversation, and I wish we as a school would have the conversation campus wide... I mean, we bring these kids from inner city Houston and Dallas and within a week they are hanging out with kids who are just like the ones they left at home... Instead of taking the opportunity to choose friends that will lift you up and help you succeed in life they picks guys who are packing and know how to kick some fanny. It is a situation that causes much distress for me as I watch students get sucked right back into destructive cycles... Anyway, sorry for the rant... any comments???

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Melissa said...

The author of that article was on Oprah one day (back when I used to get to watch it!) when they were discussing the negatives/positves (both sides had supporters there) of the hip hop music industry. This guy was obviously against the hip hop music industry.