Wednesday, July 14, 2010


There have been quite a few times lately that I have wanted to take my college students and to shake them until they open their eyes & see what it is they are doing wrong~~~~and up until tonight, I've done a pretty good job of only saying small comments to hopefully make them stop for a second & think....tonight, however, was a different story! Tonight I lost my cool & I unloaded with both barrels....and I'm hoping that they will listen! You see, the truth is, I've done all of these stupid things they are doing and I'd give anything to undo some of those choices! And quite frankly, it hurts my heart a little to see these beautiful young ladies make these choices, because in the end, they are going to find that the consequences are more than they ever would've imagined! So here's hoping the verbal lashing I gave actually did something! :(

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jkelsofarrell said...

I don't know exactly what you're talking about, but having taught in the deep south, i can imagine. Does it involve giant sparkly rings and the idea that they are set for life?

Jessica said...

That was all last semester!!!! What set me off this time was a group of underage girls going to a strip club that is known for violence 'just to see'! Then I found out the driver had been drinking before they went! To top it off, the boys these beautiful girls are hanging out with are ridiculously thug-like losers & I am notttttttttt happy! Aughhhhhhhh!!!!

jkelsofarrell said...

That is much worse than I thought!!