Monday, July 26, 2010

Waiting for the phone to ring...

This weekend was my Gpa's 78th birthday! My mom had a bd party for him that I wasn't invited to, but my ex was. There have been lots of those occasions over the last year. Apparently, getting out of a toxic marriage is grounds for disownment in my family. I'm sooo very tired of having to explain myself & my action to people who obviously don't get it. My dad wants us all to just 'get along', but what he doesn't get is that by inviting the man who emotionally & verbally put me down for 14 years they are telling me exactly what they think of me. And quite honestly, not a week goes by that I don't wish the ex had just punched me, so my parents would actually recognize the abuse. It really sucks to be the black sheep, when all I did was leave an abusive marriage. (And yes, I did some things along the way I'm not proud of, but however illogical, it was my only way out!) I sit here waiting for the phone to ring, because after a year of not talking to anyone in my family, I called my Gpa on Saturday & invited him to lunch today. He's supp to call me & set the time sometime this morning. Sooooo....let's see if the phone rings.

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