Thursday, July 06, 2006

Green Hair

My youngest daughter, Kali, has blonde hair... some of it is so blonde it is white. That said, today's activity during His Kids was a trip to a local pool. The pool has been having some chlorine probs so it was cloudy and green. The white part of Kali's hair sucked in the color and she now has streaks of green in her hair. She thinks it is funny.... I have washed it and conditioned it with the good stuff... still green. Any suggestions?



SuperMom said...

Hats. Cute hats :-)

~d said...

HEY! I say roll with the green if it doesn't bother HER! Towheads go green over the summer: fact!

Sarah said...

We had this problem in Colorado -- too many minerals in the water. Wet her hair, LIBERALLY sprinkle on baking soda, especially in the green parts, then rinse it out and wash normally. I'm not making any promises, but it's a cheap try.