Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Oops! I didn't mean to...

Yesterday, I bought the girls gum... each their own pack... aren't I just the sweetest mom ever? HA To show her appreciation, Kali decided to hold her chewed up gum over her sister's hair and say something like "if you don't play with me, I will put this gum in your hair"... of course big sister wasn't going to be coerced into playing. As Kali was trying to put the gum back in her mouth she dropped it... in her sister's hair. In her mind it was a complete accident... in Daddy's mind she shouldn't have had the gum out of her mouth in the first place. She lost her extra large pack of Juicy Fruit as Daddy took it to work to share with the guys. There were no tears when Daddy took the gum... but when I came to pick her up and she realized the gum really wasn't coming with us the waterworks started. Robert sat in his truck laughing, while I listened to very loud cries. Thanks a lot babe!


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