Sunday, July 09, 2006

Peek Inside Me Weekly

Sorry I haven't played the last couple of weeks... life has been more than stressful. But... this week I couldn't resist. The challenge for the week from CheerioButt is to tell your most embarrassing moment...

This assignment is a bit hard for me... only because there are sooooo many moments that have embarrassed me... but because there are soooo many I can't pick a most embarrassing. I tend to just get over them as quickly as they happen. So... I will list a few of them and you can pick.

1. I was walking down the hallway at Beltway Baptist Church and I just fell... nothing in the floor... no excuses... just fell flat on my face in front of a group of teenagers. They laughed... and then realized they were laughing, stopped and asked if I was ok. I told them that only my pride was hurt and moved on.
2. Started my period in the middle of one of my classes... realized it after it had gotten all over the back of my skirt. Luckily had a jacket to tie around my waist... but still had to figure out a way to tie without any students seeing. EWWWW
3. Hubbie just remembered this one... I was really sick with my first child... I had a gallstone with no gallbladder which led to acute pancreatitis and emergency surgery. With that said, I threw up a lot... and I could never predict when it might happen. One time, when we were in Wal-Mart, I got sick in the bathroom and being that I puked with such force... peed in my pants... I had to walk from the restroom in the back of the store all the way to the front door. I was quite embarrassed because it was more than obvious that I had peed on myself. I think this might be one of hubbie's most embarrassing moments as well. :)

Hope you enjoy this peek... let CheerioButt know if you wanna play too.



Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Those were great! We must be twins as I have too many to name like that as well!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't really have any embarrassing moments. Once, when my daughter was around 18 months, she was tugging on my skirt in church and pulled it down to my knees, and of course there was the group of teenagers behind me! That's all I have! No more! Geesh.

Looney Mom said...

Wow... hey sorry I haven't been by. I need to make you a blog buddy... that's the only way I remember to visit.

Michelle said...

period one, check!
falling - too many to recall, check!
But the walk from the bathroom to the car in Wal-Mart must have been infinite! OH MAN! Crazyness!

Yellow Mama said...

Just a week ago, I knew I should have gone to the bathroom but for some reason didn't...I was jumping in a blow up jumper with a bunch of kids and oops...tinkled just a little bit in my pants. To make matters worse, one of the kids (2 years old) reached between my legs to hold on. What a surprise for both of us. Fortunately, he never knew nor did he care!

SuperMom said...

Hey, I puked and peed my pants when I was pregnant, too. Thankfully I was at home. Not much fun, though.