Monday, June 11, 2007

I want my hand!

Ok... I supposed to go to the dr on Wednesday to get my stitches removed... I know it is only two days away, but this is getting ridiculous! I am just about sick of being without my left hand. I am also tired of flipping off the world (it's the middle finger that's all taped and splinted out straight). Not to mention how ridiculous I feel every time I have to tell someone the story behind my injury!

For those who have been reading my blog for a while... my niece Alyssa is having some serious issues. She was born in Sept with lots of problems (cleft palate, skull prematurely fused, heart not functioning right, blind in one eye, etc). My brother and his girlfriend went to the dr last week to schedule the skull surgery. They took sweet Alyssa in for a sonogram of her heart, just to make sure nothing had changed, and they realized that her heart was way more serious than her skull. In fact, the sweet baby is due to have open heart surgery on the 28th of June and my the family has pretty much been told that she may not make it. Basically, the left side of her heart is not functioning... putting all the stress on the right side. If they had done the skull surgery, the stress would have made her heart explode. I really struggle with the questions of quantity of life vs. quality, and the longer baby Alyssa is with us, the more we learn about how difficult things are going to be for her. Please keep my family in your prayers... specifically my brother and his girlfriend.



Anonymous said...

I just said a prayer for poor sweet Alyssa. How sad for you all. I hope everything goes well with the surgery. How old is she now?

Looney Mom said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear about Alyssa. I understand what you're saying about quality of life. Surely we don't want to see our loved ones suffer in this already difficult life, especially babies/children. BUT it's hard to let go.

God only knows the number of our days. Praying that He will give you all comfort in whatever He decides. What a difficult situation.

Will and Shelley Hale said...

We will keep your brother and his family in our prayers. I will also be thinking about you as you wait PATIENTLY to get your hand back! Take care!