Thursday, June 28, 2007


Alyssa made it through her surgery just fine. The dr said that her heart has already begin to return to the normal size. She still has a long road with a lot more surgeries, but she is ok for now. Thanks for the prayers!

Apparently, after I left last night at my designated 'curfew', my cousin and her friend decided to stay... in fact they closed the place down. When our friend got home her husband kicked her out of the house. Keep my friend and this situation in your prayers. We went over there tonight to try to work some stuff out, but he is so full of anger that there was no discussing it. It's hard to see another couple right in the middle of what Rt and I just went through. I can see the mistakes they are both making... because let's face it... no one is perfect... but they are both so angry. I guess this is what happens when you ignore the problems in your marriage! Ugh... anyway, they have 4 kids and the kids do not need to deal with this!

Lot's of prayers going up...


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