Monday, April 21, 2008


Friday night my sweet little Yogi caused lots of drama in our house. He came in from his nightly potty break and he could barely move. He had a wound on his side so Robert and I were convinced that one of our neighbors shot him. Robert and I spent all evening arguing over whether or not I should call the vet. If anyone knows my husband, then you know what he was saying... "we are NOT spending money on a dog..." "you are not calling the vet" etc. etc. After much crying on my part, I told him we would see what happened through the night and I would take Yogi to the Vet in the morning... but I would not pay for surgery! (In my head thinking I'm paying for surgery!) I took Yogi to the Vet Saturday and the vet was convinced that he had been shot... so I left him there to be x-rayed (let's not talk about how much a dog x-ray is). The x-ray showed that Yogi had not been shot... instead he had been chomped on by something much larger than he is! He has broken ribs and must be wrapped for the next 2-4 weeks.
This pic is in the car after the appt... look at my poor baby! :) He is on pain pills and antibiotics and he just lays around and looks all sad at me. Last night he layed on my chest like the kids did when they were infants. As I type all of this I can hear my husband laughing out loud because I am sooooo not a dog person. Yogi is the first dog I have actually liked in the probably 10 that we have had since moving to the country. If you had asked me last year if I would be willing to carry a dog outside for him to potty, I would have laughed at you... and now... I pick him up and carry him outside so that he can potty... I put his food on a plate and carry it over to him... etc. etc. Anyway... I will say that after all of this, Yogi better get better and be the perfect pet... hahahah!


Brandi said...

Poor little Yogi. I know how you feel. My daughter broke our dogs leg when she (the dog) was just about 10 weeks old. I can not believe that I paid the vet to have a dogs legs set and put in a cast! Hope he recovers soon.

Amy said...

Poor Yogi!! He is so stinkin cute!! Wonder what "chomped" on him?

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Congrats on the 20 lb. mark!! You're doing so awesome!! I am at about 16lbs. right now, and it seems as though my body wants to stay PUT for a while here. I really wanted to loose 10 more pounds before mine and Jason's trip to OKC. Looks like I will have to settle for 6, unless I lose 4 pounds this week. HIGHLY unlikely for my body!!

Anywho...let's make a mad dash to Chili's for some chicken crispers!!MMMMMMMM!!!!

The Best Family said...

glad your little Yogi is ok... he is so cute! I love the new look... shelley is the best! :o)

Looney Mom said...

Awww... look at that smile. I know exactly what you mean. I didn't really like our old poodle Beau, but when he was viciously attacked by a Samoyed and had his jaw practically rotated and needed surgery I was so sad.

My husband is a dog lover and decided it was worth the $2000 surgery to save his life. I thereafter referred to him as my "Gucci" dog (for costing so dang much)!

I wound up having to hand feed him like a baby because of the contraption on his face. And when we had to put him down last fall - that was sad. :(