Monday, January 15, 2007

Country Living...

Last night when I was watching the news, I realized that the only school that had to post closing and late starts were the schools in the boonies... can someone explain to me why it is that little country towns don't feel that it is necessary to honor MLK day? Ok, Ok, I know too much conflict in that discussion to actually get any comments!

This icy weather has once again reminded me of why it is that I dislike country living.... Social Isolation. I mean, we have no neighbors, at least not any you can actually see. And the ones I have met were under not so great circumstances... you know, your dog just ate my chicken, calf, messed with my horses.... stuff like that doesn't make for friends. And since I slid off of the road twice this weekend... pretty sure I can't just call my friends up to come out... at least not with a clear conscience. Even the girls are going a bit bonkers... Megan asked if we could just go to Wal-Mart or something!

I figure I can't get away with just saying I slid off the road and leaving it at that... I will elaborate. I went to Ft. Worth on Friday for some time to think... I came home on Saturday around lunch... and did fine until I hit hwy 351... about a mile from my house my rear end started slipping... and a car was coming... so somehow I managed to hit the bar ditch without hitting the telephone pole, speed limit sign, or rolling over... but then I ended up in the middle of some guy's plowed field. I tried to drive out, but I was stuck. Luckily, country boys are very helpful and within a couple of minutes I was pulled out. Unsure of country etiquette, I called the sheriff to make sure I didn't need to find the land owner... I mean, I did mess up his pretty little field. The sheriff laughed at me... he was certain that the field was already messed up due to the freeze. The second time I slid off my options were to hit the guard rail and possibly end up in the creek bed or once again go for the bar ditch. I choose the ditch... but the next morning when we drove past the spot I realized how lucky we were that we didn't flip... that sucker was deep. I can hear my mother now "What was so important that you couldn't stay home?" No good answer there... other than I wasn't in the mood to cook.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your MLK day!



holly said...

I grew up in one of those po-dunk towns. I will never understand why anybody who wasn't ivory white didn't move out of that town.

Rebecca said...

I'm very, very certain that my podunk elementary school did NOT honor MLK day. I never even heard of the man until we moved to CA. It's pathetic.

And thank goodness you made it home safe! I've been learning what it's like to drive on icy roads up here.