Monday, March 05, 2007

Flaky Moments

I'm not sure what my problem is, but I cannot seem to focus or remember anything... here are a few of the stupid things I have done lately...

This morning I took my class to a Professional Development seminar that isn't until the 20th of March. You might ask how I could mess that up... well, I had to RSVP by the 5th... and if I had read the paper better I would've realized it! UGH!

Yesterday I went to tan at a place I don't normally go... on a bed that I assumed was not as powerful as the high speed beds... and guess what? I burned my entire body... even my bottom... so I now look like a great big lobster.

The other sad part is that I keep using the wrong words and saying the wrong things etc... what is wrong with me?

Any ideas?



Anna said...

I don't know, but when you figure out how to make it better..please let me know! I'm pretty sure I suffer from whatever illness that is too! =)

So, I THINK I saw you the other day in person!! Were you in line towards the front at dittos on Thursday? If not, disregard this completely. LOL Since I didn't know if it was you or not, I didn't feel like going up & introducing myself would be appropriate....I might have even come off as a bit crazy. haha!

Anna said...

Starbucks is ALWAYS ok by me!!! That'd be fun!