Friday, March 09, 2007

Out of Gas...

Watch me tie my title into this post in two ways... ok I'm a nerd...

Yesterday, I was sitting in my office and my cell phone rang. It was one of my favorite students of all time... Darshunda... or better known as Baby D. Let me tell you a little about her before I go on... She is a 6'4" black girl who is loud and outspoken and who will go to the mat for anyone she calls a friend. She comes from a family where there are no men... and where she is today is because the girl has some backbone. I have had the opportunity, over the last 2 semesters, to have long discussions with her about the company you keep and how they can affect your future... as well as to encourage her to follow her dreams. I absolutely love the girl... and she comes to me now whenever she needs advice or help or she just wants to chat. Ok... back to the story... Baby D was in the middle of I-30 in Ft. Worth and her car had died. Another tangent here... when she decided she wanted a car this semester I took her car shopping and helped her find this car from a guy Rt works with... so I feel slightly responsible if something happens to her in it. So... the car has died and she doesn't know what to do. I tell her to stay in the car and wait because I'm sure the cops will show and help her get to the side of the road. They did and then the police officer took her to a waffle house and dropped her off, because he didn't want to leave her on the side of the interstate. Problem: her family is in Dallas and she has no one to come get her. I start calling around trying to find someone to help her... finally found a friend... then the friend's car broke down. Finally, 3 hrs later her uncle picks her up (the only man she's related to... but one that doesn't see them ever). They go back to the car and we are trying to diagnose the problem... me on the phone and compt... her uncle in the car. Now, never once did I think, oh she ran out of gas. I was imagining disaster and it was stressing me out. But the more he messed with it, it dawned on me that was the problem... you know, seeing as how I've run out of gas more than a time or two. They go get a gas can... yep that was the problem. Praise God... but girl, you gotta read the gauge! :) I was exhausted by the time all of that was done! I don't think I have ever been sooo worried about someone.. .I just wanted to hop in my car and drive to Ft. Worth... which I probably would've beat the uncle thank you very much.

We have a friend who had a miscarriage about 8 mths ago... her due date was this weekend... so there are 4 of us taking her away for a shopping trip to Ft. Worth. While I know this trip will be good for her... I also know that I am sooo out of steam (gas... whatever, told you I'd tie it in) that I am hoping this trip will renew me in some way... guess we will see... see ya Sunday!


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