Monday, March 26, 2007

Disappearing Act...

I haven't really disappeared... we have just been crazy busy! The closer it gets to the end of the year, the more I realize how there are not enough hours in the day! UGH!

I have posted quite a few times about my darling Kali... and her great ability to hear things that no 6 yr old should hear... oh, and her love of repeating them. Well, this weekend really just takes the cake. On Saturday, Megs tells me that Kali learned about sex at school... HUH??? So, then I ask Kali what Megs meant. Kali then tells me that two girls from her class told her that sex is... if you are easily offended skip down please... when you are naked and you kiss each other's privates, as she points to her girly parts. WHAT?!!!

What 6 yr old should have that knowledge???? My first thought was that the kid must be experiencing some molestation or something. When I got to school this morning, I emailed Kali's teacher and told her what was going on. She immediately took care of it... meaning she took the girl in the hall, found out what she had said, made the girl call her mother, and spoke with the mother herself. Now... here is the most disgusting part of it all... the girl is not being molested... she went to her MiMi's house and MiMi let her watch a movie that you and I would probably never even consider watching... XXX ring a bell? OHG! That is sooooo not ok!!!!!

The situation within the classroom has been taken care of... but what do I do about my 6 yr old who's mind has been corrupted? She's been hard enough to raise as it is... I mean, I never had to tell Megs that it wasn't ok to dance naked on the coffee table.. Kali on the other hand has had that lecture more than once. After the discussion with Kali, I told her that God made sex for men and women who are married and that when she is older we will discuss it more... but if she had anything to say about it she needed to talk to her father or I... not any other kids! AUGH!

Any other ideas here?



Looney Mom said...

Oh my word! I'm SOOO sorry. That just breaks my heart. I was exposed to porn from the time I was 3 and it totally warped my whole sense of "being" so I just HATE to hear that kids get exposed to that and I TRY to guard my children as much as possible. That is just atrocious and I pray for protection for her mind and that it will LEAVE her and not be a constant thought. Pray for her and OVER her.

Chris said...

That is exactly why we don't even have a coffee table!