Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The best part of being an instructor is the fun assignments. Fun for me... I should say... not so much my students. This week in Family Communication we are covering family change and stress, and research shows that of all the changes that happen in a marriage system... children are the most stressful. So... I gave my students children today. They will have their precious children for a week and can choose whatever family system they would like: single mom, divorced parents, separated parents, etc. Several have choosen to take the egg and just use their current partners... it will be interesting to see how the assignment differs for those people. Anyway, I'll let you know how many catastrophes we have.


This class is T TH... but I have many of the same students MWF morning. This morning, one of the students came to class without her egg. I asked where the kids was... she said still asleep... I told her that I wanted her to be serious about this assignment. I left school to go to the dentist (YUCK!) and when I came back there was a note on my office door "I took my child to preschool this morning. He was soooo happy that I care about his education, unlike some parents!" Huh? To me that reads, the egg is in the fridge, I hate this assignment... whatcha think?


Chris said...

So I guess cooking and eating the egg is out?

jessica said...

I did have several threaten to do that... but, if the egg dies, so does their grade!

Iris said...

What happens if it hatches??????

jessica said...

Hadn't really thought of that one... I did tell them they may replace their babies if they start to smell... I'm not sure how long a raw egg can last outside of the fridge!