Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Gina was voted off of American Idol tonight???? Why couldn't Haley, Chris, or Phil get voted off? Or better yet, what about Sanjaya? I mean, come one. At this rate, this will be the last year I watch this show... I can't handle it.

And here is my other question... how in the world is Sanjaya still on? Who is it exactly who is voting for him? I don't buy the theory that it is a bunch of teenage girls... I mean, he's not all that cute. I read an article online that said it is because of Indian call centers... not sure I buy that theory... but you can't tell me that there are thousands of people who are tone deaf and voting. Even Megs realizes the boy cannot sing. If he wins they will definitely have to do some changes to the system or they will lose their audience.

Any thoughts?

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Chris said...

I confess it did not bother me a bit. I just wonder why Sawyer has not been voted off the island on LOST...